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Unusual Christmas Gifts - 5 Unique Xmas Present Ideas

Updated on November 5, 2010

It's almost that time of the year again. You know the time: when the sun starts to sink below the horizon before dinner time, the time when colorful lights illuminate your neighbors porches. Christmas time is a magical time of the year, not just for the early nights and beautiful lights, but for the reasons it brings for giving and receiving presents.

It also can be a stressful time.

Many of us want our Christmas presents to be unique, exotic, original, or just plain fantastic. We don't want to be one of the people who wait until Christmas eve, rushing to the nearest department store and buying the most generic Xmas gift of all. It's hard to choose though to choose, for example, unusual Christmas gifts for men or even to find personalized Christmas gifts.

It doesn't have to be a tough job. You just need to know what to look for and for whom to look for. Fun Christmas gifts, for example, usually rend to be the most original and most unique Xmas presents; and if you know the person you are buying for doesn't really go for 'fun' then some kind odd, or peculiar Christmas gift is for them.

And if you can't think of any unusual Christmas gift ideas then check out the list below of the top 5 most unique ideas (although they won't be that unique once this list is published.)


Personalized T-Shirts

What's a better Christmas present then one that is entirely unique and completely original. Although a personalized t-shirt isn't a very unusual x-mas gift, it's still a different present from the generic piece of clothing. A personalized message can have a message of anything; it's a great chance for you - or whoever is giving the gift - to show how well you know the person. There's nothing better than receiving an original Christmas gift that is a great testament to who you are us a person.

There are many companies, both online and off, that off the option for you to make your own t-shirt. The price, of course, is more expensive than buying a t-shirt of Christmas eve, but it's worth it.

If you are really looking for an unusual Christmas gift and a personalized t-shirt isn't enough for then maybe you should try making your own personalized t-shirt. Hand paint a picture, sew a few different colors together (if you have that kind of skill), do something above and beyond original.

The best alternative Christmas gifts are usually the ones that tend to have the most personal touch.


Vintage Christmas Presents

Not sure what kind of unusual Christmas gift to look for (is a t-shirt a bit hokey?) then why not go vintage. Vintage Christmas gifts are the ultimate of alternative X-mas presents; they offer a look into ones nostalgic past, quite often being a much more fun gift then a new piece of technology.

Think about it. How cool would it be for Christmas if you got an old Super Nintendo console that came with all the old Legend of Zelda games? It would be mind-blowing cool, as well as a very unusual and unique Christmas gift.

Where can one find vintage gifts? Ebay is your best bet - the place is full of old toys that are just waiting to bought and shared with.

Vintage Christmas gifts can be some of the most fun Christmas gift ideas around.


A sleigh ride can be an unusual Christmas gift.
A sleigh ride can be an unusual Christmas gift. | Source

Unusual Christmas Presents... What About An Unique Christmas Experience

Not all Christmas gifts have to be wrapped up and tied with a bow. Sometimes it's best to think outside of the box - and I mean literary. Think about what the person you are buying a gift for likes the most. Is it a new toy or book? Or do they like seeing concerts and hockey games?

If it's latter than maybe the odd Christmas gift idea that is different from the rest isn't from a store but is more of an event. Buy a couple concert tickets,a couple tickets to a hockey game, an art museum - or whatever they enjoy the most. This is also a great personal Christmas gift; it shows how much you know and care about the person (plus you get to do something fun and cool as well).

One of the most exotic and fantastic examples of this is what is called the 'Perfect Day Experiences'. These include day long activities that range from horse-drawn sleigh rides, to jet fighter simulator experience. It's the ultimate unusual gift idea.


If you really want to go above and beyond then maybe you should write someone their own Christmas carol .
If you really want to go above and beyond then maybe you should write someone their own Christmas carol . | Source

Weird Christmas Gift Ideas - Sing a Song

Now this one isn't for everyone and I don't suggest you try it if you don't have the voice (unless the person you are singing for has a great sense of humor). But this is one of the most personalized Christmas gifts you do and although it's not as original as it once was it's still a break from the average mold.

The idea is fairly simple: write a quirky song, grab a guitar or piano, and when the time comes to give them their gift, sing them your song. It's a peculiar gift idea but usually ends in a good laugh (at your voice); usually with Christmas presents, unusual and normal gifts, it's the though that really matters.

If you really want to go the extra distance, try recording your song onto a a CD. This will give them more or a surprise as you can wrap the CD up; also you could pretend the CD is just a mix of their favorite songs, hiding your song somewhere in the mix.


The Moon is full of property just waiting to be named.
The Moon is full of property just waiting to be named. | Source

Fantastic,Crazy and an Unusual Christmas Gift Idea

The universe, and planet Earth, are full of things that still have to be named. New islands are formed all the time, as well undiscovered lakes and mountains that hide deep int he wilderness; space is full of stars that have yet to be given a personal name, comets that fly through the unknown without any designation.

See what I'm getting at?

One of the most unusual Christmas gifts you can give is a name. Name a lake, a piece of the Moon, a comet, or a star after the person you are getting a Christmas present for. This is the ultimate of originality.



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