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Fruit & Chocolate Bouquets. The Best Ever Gift Ideas...

Updated on December 18, 2011

Fruit Bouquet.Healthy and Beautiful

Idea how to create and give bouquets that will be healthy and beautiful.

You know how difficult can be choosing a beautiful gift for your friends and family. Even in winter when the real flowers are not so cheap, in my opinion the best gift in this case can be a fruit bouquet. It can be the perfect gift because of many reasons: healthy, beautiful, romantic!

Such a bouquet – will be a bright addition to the holiday children's wedding receptions, and perfect for romantic evenings, and just a pleasant surprise to friends and relatives, and a new note in the usual giving of flowers.

Fruit bouquets - is a very passionate gift that will be a great addition to a romantic dinner, and an unusual gift for your loved one. Just imagine how pleasant is to receive such a gift after a long and boring office day.

Tasty and sweet fruit bouquets - it is not only a good gift, but also a magnificent decoration of any table. We guarantee that your guests will be delighted.

Bouquets of flowers and fruits

First, a few photos for inspiration of new ideas:

1. Bouquets of flowers and fruits:
- Roses and grapes
- Strawberry bouquet

Healthy and Beautiful
Healthy and Beautiful

- Strawberries and roses
- Bouquet with strawberry glaze

All of these bouquets in fact are created by two basic principle: healthy and beautiful.

See step by step video lessons, and you all will become a professional!

Awesome Gifts For Boyfriend!

Show Him Your Love With These Unique and Original Ideas!

Gourmet Hand Dipped Chocolate
Gourmet Hand Dipped Chocolate

Fruit Bouquets, Delicious Designs

How to Make a Fruit Bouquet

Click thumbnail to view full-size
A dozen of red chocolate hearts set in a red box
A dozen of red chocolate hearts set in a red box
A dozen of red chocolate hearts set in a red box

Bouquet of Sweets

3. Bouquet of sweets.
Unlike the previous fruit bouquets is kept for a long time, because when you create the integrity of the candy is not damaged.

They look breathtakingly gorgeous, smell tantalizingly sweet and taste absolutely yummy!

It is unusual approach to giving a bouquet when you go to a party, visit, date, wedding, etc.

This will be a memorable gift that will make the receiver to remember about it with pleasure many years ahead. Besides, it can be preserved much longer than an ordinary flower bouquet. Bouquet of sweets or fruits will bring happiness and joy, so just consider these options when you next time will be in need of an original gift idea.


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    • nikipa profile image

      nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Thank you for all your nice comments! Much appreciated!

    • profile image

      Kathy Howe 6 years ago

      You can't go wrong with a gift of chocolate!

    • profile image

      charry 7 years ago

      Strawberry Tulip can create the perfect fresh fruit, gift-wrapped bouquet to make any occasion special - from ,Diwali, Birthdays and marriage anniversaries, to weddings and corporate gifts.