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Unusual values for holiday shopping: Groupon Goods

Updated on November 5, 2016

The nerve-wracking part of the holidays is upon us: shopping for all of the gifts on our lists. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza, Solstice or other holidays, gifts play a big part in the festivities. But those presents don't just magically end up in loved ones' hands! Starting from the sometimes dangerous crush of Black Friday crowds at big box stores going to the last minute dash to the all night drugstore, shopping at this time of year can be enough to make you say, "Bah, humbug!" Though I have been sponsored, all opinions are my own.

People have been discovering the joys of online shopping for the holidays for several years now. But, there's always been a perception that the prices are worse. Not anymore, thanks to Groupon Goods. The internet juggernaut isn't just for restaurant and attractions anymore!

Indeed, Groupon Goods has something for everyone on your list, from babies to spouses. I like to think of the site as a terrific outlet mall that you don't have to drive hours to the country to shop at! You'll find special purchases, closeouts and other ways to save lots of money. This is the perfect place to buy what my dad used to call "blind gifts" -- those things having so much more perceived value that what you paid, that the recipients have no idea that they aren't getting something that was very, very expensive.

Here's a good example: they have Fire Opal stud earrings layered in 18kt rose gold. So classic, yet with fresh, modern colors and materials. And yet, they're only $7.99! Think of all the little gifts you have to get during the season, such as for house cleaners, babysitters, hair dressers, teachers. They certainly wouldn't expect to get real gems from you . . . and yet, Groupon Goods has many, many items of that quality and price.

Certainly, it's a fine time of year to get a little something for yourself, too. Groupon Goods has a wide selection of personal care items that you may feel more comfortable buying in the privacy of your own home. Think diet aids, waist cinchers and other things we may want, but can't possibly ask for. Other practical gift items include tools, batteries, flannel sheets, pet dishes and phone chargers.

Save gas, time, and your sanity with Groupon Goods!


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