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Upgrade to LED Holiday Lights for 2014 Christmas

Updated on September 23, 2014

LED Holiday Lights as New Decorative Lights

Whether it is the important Christmas season, or other occasions like party, garden decoration, home decoration, we will use decorative lights. No Christmas could be complete without the decorative lights and without the decorative lights, our parties or home seem a lack of warm atmosphere. The Christmas lights, not limited to use during Christmas seasons, have been popular for a long time, and the lights can always bring us warm and merry festival atmosphere. Traditional lights have also been used for many years and even used today. With the diversity of decorative lights and concept of energy saving, a new decorative light is just making its way to us. They are the LED decorative lights.

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Wise Choice of LED as Christmas Light

2014 Christmas is still two months away, but it is not too early to talk about the decoration for the coming holiday season, for there are too many things we need to prepare in order to make it special. For most of the family, the important parts of the holiday include outdoor decorations and lighting. What types of decorative lights did you use for last Christmas decoration? Over the years, public outdoor light displays have already showed us the benefits of choosing LED as holiday lighting. Here are some good reasons for you to upgrade to LED decorative lights to make the holiday season more special.

LED Lights Makes Christmas Decoration Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

If Santa has become eco-friendly and green, it’s time for us to follow suit. LED lights as holiday decorative lighting can help save 90% or more in utility costs compared to traditional holiday lights. For one thing, LED lights are much smaller light sources, giving out light via the movement of electrons through a semiconductor material. It is known that 7-watt incandescent bulb could power 140 LED lights. Since the Christmas holiday season will last a few days, the use of LED lights as decorative lighting can actually save us more. Less electricity consumption also makes the LED great choice due to its low carbon emission. One more point here, compared with traditional decorative lights, LED lights is friendly to environment. For one thing, the LEDs contain no mercury, nor ultraviolet light. For another, the LED lights can avoid light pollution by emitting light patterns toward the illumination target.

LED Decorative Lights: Durable, Safer & Cooler

Usually incandescent lights have a filament which tend to burn out. This will hardly happen to LED decorative lights for they have no filament. The indestructible epoxy lenses of LEDs make them hardly break. Usually the LED lights can have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. In this sense, the LED decorative lights is worth investment if we want to use the lights for more than one Christmas. LED light bulbs usually generate less heat, and we can touch it, and our fingers are less likely to get burned. Never worry about any possibility that your house catches on fire due to the overheated lights.

LED Lights Save Us Money

LED lights save us money, maybe not at the time we get them from the shelves, because LED decorative lights seem a bit more expensive than traditional lights. Look again. I got LED string lights with multiple LEDs with the cost around $30. I can add more LED string lights to the collection each year. Yet the prices will keep going down and the quality and variety continues to improve. Most of the LED holiday light retailers offer the light exchange service and it will be much easier to switch the lights with little fee. LED lights can save us money exactly at the time when we need to pay our energy bill. Really, the LED decorative lights consume less energy. LED holiday light strings can last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. Then it is obvious such decorative lights will save us money over the years.

Vibrant Colors & Various Styles of LED Lights

LED decorative lights come in vibrant colors, usually shining more vividly in an array of colors. LED lights also come in various shapes and sizes, varying from mini string lights, bonsai lights to tall LED Christmas tree lights. LED Christmas lights are flexible for their diversified styles, small lights, colored lights, while light bulbs, etc, so there’s truly something for everyone. We can find snowflake-shaped lights, rope LED lights, etc. LED holiday light strands are capable of creating special effects like blinking, dimming and color shifting. In this sense, they are ideal choice as party decoration, holiday decoration, home decor, and any occasions that need festival vibe.


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