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10 Meaningful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Updated on November 11, 2018
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Kathy is a freelance writer from Canada who is always on the lookout for fun things to do with her family.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Oh the pressure of Valentine's Day... what do you get that special someone in your life to show how much they mean to you? Greeting card companies, florists and chocolate manufacturers love this time of year, but what about some ideas that go beyond the typical gift of a box of chocolates or roses and a sappy card?

Read on for ten meaningful Valentine's Day gift ideas that will show you put a little thought into your gift.


1. Weekend Getaway

Who couldn't use a mini-vacation? Plan a night or two away for the two of you and you'll both be glad you did. The possibilities are endless - a bed and breakfast in a small town, a hotel in the city, an inn in the country, a lodge or resort up north or a trip to the spa.

Sleep in, enjoy some leisurely meals, do a bit of exploring and just spend time enjoying each other's company, away from the distractions of everyday life.

2. Homecooked Meal With Their Favourite Foods

Dinner out on Valentine's Day can be overpriced, crowded and feel a little commercial. Plus, it can be difficult to find a sitter or get a reservation. Why not plan a romantic dinner at home? Plan the menu to include all of your significant other's favourite foods, including an extra special dessert. Serve wine with dinner, and create a romantic mood with candlelight.

Not a good cook? With some advance planning and a little more money, you can arrange for someone to cook it for you and bring it to your house.

A home cooked meal of favourite foods is a wonderful Valentine's Day treat.
A home cooked meal of favourite foods is a wonderful Valentine's Day treat. | Source

3. Tickets to an Event

Is there a sport or musical group that your partner really enjoys? Do they love classical music or dance? Is there a show in town that's been getting rave reviews?

Get tickets to something that THEY will love and plan to go with them. It may not be your first choice of activity, but they will certainly appreciate you putting their interests ahead of your own . You may even discover you enjoy that ballet performance / musical theater / hockey game / band / opera / monster truck event more that you thought you would!

4. A Gift That Keeps on Giving

While a bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine may not sound like an original idea, if you arrange to have one delivered every month then you've just gone that extra mile and will be sure to put a smile on their face with every delivery.

There is a huge range of options for monthly deliveries, including book of the month, wine, beer, flowers, chocolate, dessert, cheese, coffee, tea, cigars and cookies - there's truly something for everyone.

5. Lessons

Think about your significant other's hobbies and interests. Is there something he or she has shown an interest in that they could use a little help with?

Arrange for a few lessons - a gourmet cooking class, guitar or piano lessons, Latin or ballroom dancing classes (with you, of course!) or a professional driving course on a racetrack are just a few of the fun possibilities.

6. Photo Album

In this digital world we live in, many of us take more photos than ever, but often those photos never make it off of our computer.

Take some time to look through the photos stored on your computer, and print a bunch of the ones that remind you of fun times you've had together. Put them together in a photo album to look through together on Valentine's Day, and whenever either of you needs a little pick me up.

7. Scrapbook

A similar idea is to create a scrapbook for your partner, commemorating a special trip you took together, a look through the years or some other theme that would be meaningful for you both.

Include photos, ticket stubs, postcards, love letters, poems, and whatever other memorabilia you can find. Be sure to write lots of captions in the scrapbook too!

8. Couples Pampering

Whether you're a man or a woman, everyone enjoys a little pampering. Book a couple's massage at a spa, or arrange for a pedicure for the both of you, perhaps followed by a nice leisurely lunch and a bit of shopping.

9. Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember what you did on your first date? It can be fun to try to recreate that experience. If you went out for dinner and the restaurant is still around, go there. If you went to a movie together, go to the same theatre. Have fun with it, and be sure to talk about that first date on your date. It will probably make both of you laugh as you remember how awkward and nervous you were.

10. Love Letter or Poem

If you're a traditionalist at heart and really feel like you have to give a gift of chocolate and flowers on Valentine's Day, go the extra mile and include a heart felt poem or letter that you've written too. Don't worry about being a great writer or try too hard to be romantic - just write what it is that makes you love them and you really can't go wrong.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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