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Valentine’s Day Celebration Plans in Australia

Updated on February 12, 2016

On 14th February each year many people come up with unique ways to celebrate the day also known as Saint Valentine’s Day. Many Australians have different celebration plans on Valentine’s Day. Everyone tries hard to be as romantic as possible to the person they love. Some people choose this special day to seek for their partner’s day in marriage by proposing. Below are some of the unique Valentine’s Day plans that could get one proving how romantic they are.

For a married couple with kids a picnic treat in the park will do justice both to your lover and to the kids. Though it isn't a designated public holiday in Australia one can still get a few hours off work to be with the family in the park. Later in the evening the kids can be driven back home to stay with a nanny. This is the perfect time for the couple to go to the restaurant for a romantic dinner. Probably it should be a candle lit dinner. It is at this dinner that one can pool that surprise present for their lover.


Another ideal Valentine’s Day celebration plan would be a boat cruise with a romantic meal. you need to do the reservations early enough in this case. Take that cruise and whisper all the romantic things to the person you love. For most Australians this is easily affordable. Pull that surprise present or even flower during your meal time. This plan will sure touch their soft spot.

For those who are so busy on that day a simple gift can also still work wonders. Chocolates, flowers, and jewelry never lose their worth on Valentine’s Day. Buying one of these as a gift will sure be a good and a very romantic gesture to the loved ones. This could be dropped at home, a romantic message through a card or a simple note can also ignite that spark of love so as one drops the flowers the card should not be left behind.


Being a busy day most restaurants might be busy but your house won’t be that busy. So grab that Romantic Movies and head home. Indian TV is known for romantic programs. It can work on Valentine’s Day in Australia. Indian movies are so romantic and full of music and romantic dances so on Valentine’s Day they can’t disappoint. Movies are known to bring a lot of romantic feelings and might even reignite the flame of a dying love.

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Any of the above valentines plan can work perfectly for all couples. a movie will be best placed in the evening or at night, hence the need to prepare an early dinner and set your popcorns and wine. Enjoy your valentine’s day.


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