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Valentine's Day Gifts - Cupcakes, MiaTorte Bakery - Hyderabad

Updated on February 8, 2015

Valentines Day

The second most toughest thing to proposing your love, is to pick the perfect gift, because you cannot take a chance at it.

Dress? - I don't know the exact size.

Perfume? - Will she like it?

Dinner? - That's common.

Ring? - Its too early for that.

Flowers? - That's obvious.

A car? - Can't afford that.

If you agree with the above, we have something affordable, yummier, personalized for the gift idea. A BOX OF CUSTOMISED CUPCAKES. Yes, they are perfect, you can order them at less than 1000 INR, select your own cupcake design and flavour, pick her favourite things and put them on the cupcake toppers.

We at MiaTorte Bakery, totally believe it and suggest our customers to go with it.In the pics you can see cupcakes for valentines day that we made.

Cutiie theo
Cutiie theo | Source
Teddy with love
Teddy with love | Source
Lovely valentines cupcakes
Lovely valentines cupcakes | Source

Valentine's Day Gifts - Cupcakes, MiaTorteBakery Hyderabad


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