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Valentine's Day Gifts I Would Love to Receive

Updated on January 6, 2013

A Celebration of Love

The Feast of Saint Valentine's is observed annually on February 14th. Although it is a regular working day, most still celebrate this special day in honor of love.

Although I personally believe that we put too much commercial emphasis on our holidays, I would admit that it is nonetheless exciting to be getting gifts on special occasions such as Valentine's Day.

Gift-giving depends a lot on who is giving the gift and who is receiving it, although there must be some pointers on how to give gifts that will matter.

Cost is one consideration. I think it is okay to give pricey gifts if they're within your reach and budget. However, they wouldn't really mean much unless they're needed by the person who will be receiving them. So it does help if you know a little more about the person who you're planning to give a gift to.

The sweetest gifts I have received were from my students way back when I used to teach in a regular class. Notes of thanks and appreciation really made my day worthwhile.

The Best Things in Life...

To complete that line, I would shout out "chocolates!" However, I have resolved that I will stick by my goal of losing some extra pounds by the end of the year. Because of that, I wouldn't mind settling for some dark chocolate. I read somewhere that they're healthier.

Chocolates would make great gifts for Valentine's Day. Most people love them. Unless, the person is diabetic, I see no reason why chocolates should not top your gift list. What would make it special is if you try to find out what your recipient's favorite brand is. My daughter loves Toblerone.

Flowers for Valentine's

Flowers, esp. roses, make great Valentine's Day gifts too. Some, however, might not find them practical, as flowers don't last very long. Giving flowers can be considered romantic though. Plus, you're not limited only to roses. Tulip and carnations are good alternatives.

Where I am, flowers can be quite pricey, esp. right around Valentine's Day. You can settle for artificial flowers, but I don't think they're quite as romantic as fresh flowers.

The Gift of Scent

Giving perfumes, body mists, or other fragrances can be a bit more personal and intimate. At least, that's my opinion. After all, we have individual preferences when it comes to our favorite scents. My top three favorites include Dream by Gap, Envy by Gucci, and Sweet Temptation by Victoria's Secret. My mom has a totally different list. So it is indeed a bit tricky if you were to give them as a gift. Plus, they can also be a bit pricey. Still, if it's for someone special, I'd say it's totally worth it!


Want to give someone a hug this Valentine's Day? Why not give them huggable Valentine's Day throw pillows or animal plush toys? I personally love pillows and plush toys! They make great gifts for children and teens too. Plus, you get to use them for quite a long time. They're also cute and inexpensive. I already have quite a few in my collection, but I still get excited when I get them as gifts.

No matter what gifts I receive on any special occasion, I'm always simply thankful for them. After all, it's not the gift but the thought that really counts. You know that somehow your gift-giver has put in some effort to give you something special on that occasion.

Will you be giving gifts on Valentine's Day? ^_^

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Celebrating Valentine's? I'd love to hear from you ^_^

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    • Rosyel Sawali profile image

      Rosyel Sawali 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      @Lipnancy I agree. Nothing beats gifts from the heart. It is after all Happy Hearts' Day! ^_^

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 4 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I think gifts from the heart are best on any occasion. Just remember how the grade schoolers celebrate Valentines Day with simple little cards for everyone. Now that is what Valentines Day is all about.

    • profile image

      Kejanny 5 years ago

      Beautiful, well-written hub.

    • profile image

      Kim Jolie 5 years ago

      Hi, nice work.

      I've read you hub and found them very interesting with creative ideas. You may like my hub as well that I've created for valentines day.