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Valentine's Day Is For Lovers

Updated on May 10, 2019

So Let's Talk About Hot Romance

Whatever happened to those hot steamy nights with you and your loved one? Valentine’s Day is for lovers, right; so… why have we forgotten how to please, tease and squeeze, or how to touch, nibble and stimulate? Remember those erogenous zones? Rekindle your passion and create that air of love by showing your partner that you care, that you’re there for them. Let Cupid’s arrows piece their heart with your passionate desires.


Never mind going out to that 5 star restaurant and that must see movie, why not spend your money on something that lasts. Go visit your local adult store and splurge on your favorites; don’t worry you can go online and buy if you want discretion, try After all we’re still kids at heart and love to play and explore. So stay in, try something new and daring in your boudoir. Buy a wig, a new sexy outfit, a new movie, or be blindfolded and have just a wonderful time just as if you went out.

Don't Be Shy

If you want to play naughty then be naughty. Consider an accessory to change or enhance the mood, manner, or location of your romantic evening. A costume or prop can give you a foundation for never-before experienced exotic adventure.

Express your passionate yearnings through communication by being open, through honesty, and by playing. That’s what romance is all about, the sharing and support of each other’s sexual needs. So if you want to experience a little role-play as a goddess, caveman, nympho, stud, or charmer, don’t be afraid to let your imagination go. Grab your favorite movie, games, toys and just play and have fun.


Less concern about your curves and more concern about your partner’s desires; and with the proper ‘mental’ attitude you’ll always look sexy. What turns him on about his favorite sex symbol on TV or in the movies? A new look always attracts his attention. Choose a sexy outfit that will turn him on. A wig, a nurse, a catwoman or other outfits can lead to the attention you want. And you can’t go wrong today especially when women’s lingerie’s now comes in all sizes and styles.

And Guys

You need to get a clue. Your lady is turned on by many more subtle things than you ever think about. A woman’s nose and senses are much more attuned to little things, like the feel of your rough hands or your chapped lips, or your body odor. Your appearance and smell are super important, so you should wear a sexy outfit and her (not your) favorite cologne. And since women always like pleasant surprises, a bar of chocolate or other small gift carefully chosen and presented at the right time can go a long way to help the evening.

So remember guys it’s all in the fun, express yourself, be silly and laugh with each other. How about a pair of red silk pajamas, or those fire red briefs to entice your partner.

The idea is to please, tease, and taunt; wear that sexy outfit to bed or lead her to the bedroom with flower petals; or chase her around the house and watch her delight when she sees the effort you put forth to show your sexy desires to make her Valentine’s Day really romantic.


And for a hot sizzling night you must prepare your bedroom.The mood can be made relaxed and seductive by adding plenty of aromatic candles, light incense, potpourri or other scents, and/or flowers throughout your bedroom. Add your favorite music (I like Disturbed, a heavy metal band, to each their own…right?) and turn your boudoir into a hot burning love nest.

No heavy meals as this will sap your energy leaving you both feeling tired. Plan ahead and have your heavy meal the night or day before, so you can go light on your love night! Then have hors d’oeuvres, a light salad or make a picnic basket filled with your favorites and you can both snack at your leisure. With cocktails and glasses ready, a surprise dessert, and off course chocolates, you’ll be ready to rock!

Play Games

Do something different. You don’t have to start in the bedroom. You could take a long hot shower together, using the water to relax and enhance your romantic evening. Offer to give a massage to relax and get it going.

Get imaginatively considerate and creative. Take turns letting each person say what role they want themselves and the partner to be in. Do enjoy exchanging each other’s role-play game ideas and add a little spice to your romantic evening by being playful, alluring, and provocative and keep the boredom away from your bedroom.

Ante Up Time

Our favorite game we call ‘ante up time’. It’s a game that involves ACTION. We made up our own personal binder of actions we've agreed on and it’s filled with fun, fun, fun. He (sometimes blindly) picks a page, shows it to me, and whatever the page says I have act on it and vice versa. Each role lasts from 2 to 5 minutes by agreement, if we can remember to stop, that is!

And since we made our own binder, we can add new pages whenever we get the idea, but we rarely throw away old ones. That builds up the binder and helps get us to make up our own scenarios. We've filled our binder with ‘our’ special favors, starting from softly nibbling on an ear, to a slow sexy dance, to the really erotic. This keeps our evening very playful and fresh and innovative, especially since it’s our own unique binder.

When we first started, each of us had "veto" power to decline one idea, but after we started learning our limits, we've been able to abandon refusal and give in completely to the ideas we've agreed to put into it.

So go ahead and make your own binder and have fun. Set your own limits! This way both of you will always be interested and satisfied, so get to cuddling, snuggling, nibbling and everything else; And oh yeah, you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day.


After an intense night of love making, tell your significant one how great your Valentine’s Day turned out; after all this is the time for sharing and caring, so tell them. This is where you really make it better. Be honest, because the future depends on it. But think about it, a night of hot burning love will be remembered and bind you both tighter together without the handcuffs from the night before; and take that smirk off your face.

I hope that your prays are answered by Aphrodite goddess of Love and that everything in your bedroom was pieced by Cupid’s arrows. Have a great time folks and Happy Valentine’s Day and give the gift that keeps on giving.

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