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Valentine's Day - Legends, Significance, Celebration and Gift Ideas

Updated on December 23, 2020
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Rajan is a botany and chemistry major. He has worked as a poultry breeder for 23 years, breeding layer and broiler parents.


About Valentine's Day

February 14, all across the world, every year, is celebrated as Valentine's day. Also called Saint Valentine's day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, this day is celebrated to honour the Christian Saint Valentinus. Gifts in the form of flowers, candy, cards and the like are exchanged between loved ones and friends.

Though the actual history of Valentine's day is shrouded in mystery, the month of February has for long been celebrated as the month of love and romance right since the Middle Ages. Three saints named Valentine are recognized as being honoured by associating their name with the celebration of Valentine's day. All the three saints were martyred.


Legends Associated With Valentines Day

According to one legend, Valentine was a priest in Rome who was martyred for flouting the orders of Emperor Claudius II, by performing marriages of young men. He was put to death for this.

The second legend has it that when an imprisoned Valentine fell in love with the jailor's daughter, he wrote a letter to her and signed it as "from your valentine". He was put to death.

The third legend says that Valentine was probably killed since he helped Christians escape from Roman prisons, where they were mercilessly tortured.

Whatever be the truth behind these legends, it is interesting to know that Saint Valentine comes across as a hero and a romantic figure who captured the hearts and minds of young lovers.


Significance Of Valentines Day

Love is something that gives meaning to life. Without love, there can no peace and life not worth living either. Though the celebration of love should not be limited to a particular day or moment, the fact is that our lives have become very hectic. In the mad rush for existence, we do not spare enough time and thought for love.

In light of this, Valentine's day assumes all the more important as it gives everyone an opportunity to express their love for their loved ones. Though primarily related to celebrating this day with our better half, it now encompasses the celebration of love with all those we love, be they, parents, siblings, teachers or friends.

Some Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I'm sharing some gift ideas for your loved ones in your life. I hope you like them.

  • Chocolates

    These are one of the most common Valentine's days' gifts. It goes without saying that most of us love chocolates. So go ahead and give the love of your life some chocolate treat.

  • Flowers

    Flowers too are one of the most sought after and appreciated traditional Valentine's day gifts. Guys do not lag far behind girls in appreciating a gift of flowers. You can gift flowers to your dad, mom and friends, too.

  • Cards

    Another great gift idea for Valentine's day.

    What a better way to express one's feelings by giving a beautiful card that expresses your innermost feelings of love.

    You can even gift a handmade card if you so prefer.

  • Heart-Shaped Gifts

    The heart is the most common symbol of love, so gifting of heart shaped keepsakes will delight your loved ones no end.

    Jewellery boxes, momentos, photo frames, figurines and other heart shaped keepsakes can be worthwhile choices.

  • Jewellery

    Guys and girls both love to receive jewellery as Valentine's day gifts. One can choose from rings, earrings, chains, anklets to bracelets for gifting. Fashion jewellery is a cheaper but nonetheless beautiful option.

  • Soft Toys

    Another traditional gift idea that is popular and much loved.

    Teddy bear, Tweetie, Winnie the Pooh, dolls, heart shaped cushions, bunny rabbit, etc, all make wonderful gifts.

  • Champagne/wine

    To celebrate Valentine's day gift a bottle of your loved one's favourite wine or champagne. Other treats like chocolates can go well with this gift.

  • Dinner By Candlelight

    Another romantic idea for your loved one. Whether to prefer to dine at home or go to an expensive restaurant is your choice but just spending some precious time together with your loved one will increase the joy of this day so much more for you both.

Valentines Day In India

Valentine's day has been celebrated in India only since recent years. Today's youth loves the feeling behind this festival which celebrates love. Many groups here see this celebration as a cultural conversion and are opposed to its celebration.

However, a large number of people come out to celebrate Valentine's day. The euphoria starts many weeks before the D-Day. Card and gift shops are decorated with Valentine's day symbols of cupid, roses and heart-shaped balloons. Fun competitions and discount coupons are distributed in big malls.

Malls, multiplexes, restaurants, pubs, discos, pizza parlours all have a busy time gearing up to this occasion as people throng to these places to celebrate. Chocolates, cards, candies, soft toys, flowers and other gifts are exchanged with loved ones. A lot of fun and frolic goes on to the accompaniment of music as well.

Some Interesting Valentines Day Facts

  • Approximately 150 million Valentines day cards are sent every year. This makes it the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas.
  • More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each year on Valentine's day.
  • Every year, over 50 million roses are gifted on Valentine's day.
  • Men constitute 73% of people who buy flowers, while 23% of them are women.
  • 85% of all Valentines are purchased by women.

How modern Chinese celebrate China's Valentine's day, the Qixi Festival

© 2013 Rajan Singh Jolly


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