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Valentine's Day and How to Impress

Updated on October 4, 2014

What to do on Valentines Day

If you really want to impress your partner then Valentines Day has to be celebrated whether you like it or not!

Women love romance, flowers, candy and getting spoilt. They want you to make them feel special and getting all of your attention for one day, without being in front of a television can make her day.

To make the day special and one that she will never forget, you have got to be romantic!

It doesn't mean that you have to go out and bankrupt yourself, it just means that you need to make it special.

Keep your concentration levels ready to listen to her every word and get ready to converse.

The first thing that you have to do is to wish her as soon as she opens her eyes. Call her, send a text or simply go over to her house and take her some flowers....better yet, send it to her from a secret admirer.

Once you have started the day with celebrating, then you need to plan what you are going to do for her throughout the day.

Planning your Valentines can be easy, if you just think romance and make an effort!

Plan a romantic dinner for valentines.
Plan a romantic dinner for valentines.

Plan a romantic dinner

All women love romance and you do not have to take her to the most expensive restaurant that you can find, you need to just get in touch with your romantic side.

If you can't afford a romantic restaurant then you can either make her dinner or take her somewhere where there are lots of candles, music and somewhere that she can get to dress up and impress you.

A picnic is a good idea; Take a blanket, champagne, two glasses, candles, your own music and something nice to eat. Strawberries and chocolate are great for dessert.

For something to eat at a picnic, you need to get things that can just be thrown away afterwards, it can't be messy either.

If you live at the beach then your job is easy because all you have to do is take her to the beach with a bottle of wine and a take -away from your favourite restaurant. Don't forget the candles and you can skip the music because the sound of the waves will do the trick.

Men who are lucky enough to afford an expensive restaurant must be careful that the atmosphere is not too snug because you will both end up feeling uncomfortable and too afraid to speak and laugh.

The restaurant must be romantic which means that it must have elegance, candles, entertainment and a great seductive menu.

It shouldn't' be a loud place as this will just cause aggravation for conversation and you will end up looking at each other and having nothing to say.

A place that has a great view is a good idea. This means that it should be scenic where you can either see the entire skyline from where you are sitting or it should have an ocean, river or fountain view.

Another wonderful idea is to create your own restaurant at home. Get a huge picture of Paris and place it on the wall in your dining room (these cost about R700 or $60) and is probably for the richer guys.

Order a meal for two from the local French restaurant and get some French music to play in the background. Do not forget the candles and place them everywhere you can to create a mood.

Petals from roses can be sprinkled all over the floor, even from the entrance to your place.

A gift should be waiting there for her as well as another bouquet of flowers. (You can pick your own.)

Get creative and just be romantic!

The most important thing that you have to remember, regardless of what you choose to do, is to be a good listener and a great communicator as this is like foreplay for a woman.

All the attention must be on her and she should feel that you are both having a great conversation in a place where nobody has to do any work and there are no interruptions of any kind. She must feel your love and adoration in order for this to be a great date.

Taking her out and fetching her in a limo is fantastic but if you can't afford to do that then when you collect her for the date, remember to tell her that she looks beautiful, give her a kiss and open the door for her to get into the car.

You can go to a fancy restaurant, have a picnic on the beach or even stay at home as long as you make the night special.

Women enjoy going out on a date so that they can walk proudly through the crowds with you in their arms, making them feel as though they are the most important people in your lives and letting everyone else see that too.

Valentines is about being romantic!
Valentines is about being romantic!

What is your ideal Valentines date?

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What do women want on Valentines Day?

Whether it's a ride in a limo on the way to a fancy and exclusive restaurant, a picnic on the beach, dinner at home, chick flicks and couching it, it doesn't really matter to us as long as we have your full attention. Conversation and knowing that you are excited to be on a date, listening and speaking, making her feel as though there is nothing better than where you are, is a seduction tool and this will get her in the mood to want you more.

There must be romance and there must be conversation but if you can manage to take her somewhere different where you can let go and just have fun, then that will be just fine.

Have fun and be romantic on valentines day.  Use your imagination.
Have fun and be romantic on valentines day. Use your imagination.
Get a valentines card that has true meaning
Get a valentines card that has true meaning

Valentines Cards

When buying a card you need to select it very carefully because women read into every word that is there.

Don't just get a card with a romantic picture on the cover, you have to read the inside and see if it says what it has to say for you.

Women will read it and that won't be enough because they will expect you to write something original too. Make sure that what you write is beautiful, loving and very clear for her to understand without having to read between any lines.

Should you want to make your own card then be very creative and make it look like you made an effort. If you don't then it will just end up looking cheap.

What to Buy her for Valentines Day

Flowers and a card to start. The bigger the bouquet the better!!! If you can't afford to be extravagant then something from the heart will do...even if you pick them yourself!

Don't forget that the card must have true meaning in it or else she will scrutinise every word.

Send her a sexy text or email during the day.

Gifts, gifts, gifts, are easy to buy.

Jewellery is always a great idea and a win - if you have been together for a long time then you should know what kind she likes.

Fancy or sexy lengerie - don't get this if it's a first date!

Cuddly and cute teddy bears (yes we all still love those) - can't go wrong for anyone

Chocolates and flowers together not separately - so it doesn't look cheap

A red dress - make sure it's the right size - if you planning a dinner out

Think romance!

Avoid getting something that you would normally get for a birthday.

It can be fun, sexy, naughty or cute but it must feel as though you have gone out and planned your purchase.

Be romantic when you plan for Valentines
Be romantic when you plan for Valentines

Where to go and What to Say

Use your imagination and if you don't have one then get some romantic movies to help you find some ideas.

Take your partner to the theatre, dinner, a walk on the beach or whatever but avoid going to a bar, club or anywhere where she has to share you with others and the conversation is blocked by loud music.

By sharing you with others I mean that it needs to be in a place where it is just the two of you, face to face, having laughs, great conversation and somewhere she can be your centre of the universe.

Try out a new restaurant, go to a masked ball, (even if it's not your thing!) it will make her date special because you have planned and made an effort.

What to Say on Valentines Day

Keep your conversations light and by all means tell her how much she means to you and how you could never live without her but avoid being too corny and too much as it might sound fake.

Conversation should be light and happy!

Talk about anything fun and remember to listen to her with interest.

If you are not a man of many words then get a card that says it all for you.

Sending a text should be fun and sexy, you can go online for naughty phrases.

Emails can be lighthearted, corny and cute!

Real talk must be fun, you should listen to everything that is said, so that you can interact and tell her how beautiful she looks because if she knows there's date then she would've spent hours getting ready!

If you love her and you haven't told her that, this is a great way to let it all out.

Let her know hoe lucky you are to have her in your life and ensure her that it is for keeps.

If you have just started dating then keep the conversation light and get to know her better.

For those who want to stay home on valentines

Take a look at the video and see what foods are aphrodisiacs. A great date for people who go out often and want to stay in and relax or play!

Other foods that are aphrodisiacs are; chocolate fondue (strawberries, banana dipped in melted chocolate.)

Get creative and use your imagination when you set the table.

Don't forget the candles and background music.

How to Seduce her on Valentines

Don't think that a dinner and flowers will do because it takes way more than that to get her going.

Let her know that she looks beautiful

Be a gentleman

Be romantic

Conversation and concentration


Mood music

Let her feel the love romantically on the date before you jump into bed

Once you get home, you need to make her feel special

Don't just jump in because in order to seduce a woman, you need to have had conversation, a great night out, she has to have felt that she is the only one for you.

Once you are home, go slow and explore each other, take it slow and remember there is no rush.

If you are ending the moment in the room, ensure that you cuddle, talk and laugh afterwards.

Getting up and getting out of bed is a bad way to end the night.

What was your best Valentines Day?

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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 4 years ago from South Africa

      It is great, if the wind isn't blowing!

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 4 years ago

      dinner on the beach looks cool