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Valentines Day and being single

Updated on February 13, 2014

Chase the Valentines Blues away

Being single on Valentines day can give you the blues, especially when your mailbox is empty and the flowers are coming into the office for everyone....but you.

Don't worry because there is a way to get rid of the Valentines blues.

Firstly, you need to forget about the guy in the office that you think has been noticing you from the corner of his eye. The chances of getting flowers or a card from a secret admirer are slim, so don't get your hopes up.

Take Valentines day and make it about spoiling yourself.

Spoil yourself!
Spoil yourself!

Pamper yourself for Valentines day

Go to the salon and have your hair done, nails manicured and during your lunch break, find a red hot number to wear for later because you are GOING OUT.

The day before Valentines, get yourself to the florist and buy some flowers with a card saying, "from a secret admirer." Be sure to get them to send it to your work address....addressed to you!

Get all your single friends together and arrange for you all to go out for drinks and dinner on Valentines day. Tell them all to wear red and look hot.

Find the busiest pub or cocktail bar, one that you have not been to and get your friends to meet you there at a certain time.

Dinner can also be somewhere that you have never been before and be sure to book in advance for you and all your friends.

If there is someone that you like then send him a card or a rose and leave out the secret admirer part, just put your name on it and go for it!

The object of Valentines as a single person is to go out and have a complete blast of a time because you are celebrating the fact that you are FREE and you can do whatever you want, wherever you want with anyone that you want to.

Yes, there are moments of depression being single and hoping to find the man of your dreams but you never know, he might be out wanting to find you too!

Check into a popular hotel
Check into a popular hotel

What do you do on Valentines day as a single

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Single, no friends and alone on Valentines

It can be a little lonely if you have nobody else to go out with and all your friends are married or in relationships but the good news is that your time will come.

Being single is not the end of the world and there is a lot that you can do to make yourself feel good.

Firstly, you need to make Valentines day your special pamper day. Get your hair done, have your nails manicured and book yourself into a hotel for the night.

This is a great way to go and have dinner on your own without anyone thinking anything of you because in a hotel, you might be on a business trip. Nobody will question why you are there alone.

Don't forget to send flowers and a card to yourself at work. Being mysterious can get you interest.

During your lunch break go out into a shopping mall and look for something to wear, (red of course) and get your hair done while you are there. If you run out of time then go after work...but do it!

Pack your bag and check in to a hotel nearby. Once you get to your room, make a reservation at the hotel restaurant for a time that suits you.

Have a bubble bath, put on some music and order a dessert or champagne to get you in the mood.

Be sure to look absolutely hot for your dinner reservation and take a look in the mirror and tell yourself that you ARE GOING TO HAVE FUN!

When you get to the restaurant be sure to sit somewhere where you have a good view so that you can spot any hot guys that may come in.

You obviously need to check into a hotel that is popular as there is no point in going to a hidden and remote place that has nobody there.

Order a glass of wine and go ahead and order an exotic starter. Your dinner is going to be adventurous and there will be no judgement on how much you eat, drink or even f you have another dessert.

Make sure that you take a look around for some single talent but in a hotel be careful as there are many travelling businessmen, who are usually married. (Look for the wedding ring.)

Dinner will be great if you enjoy your food and remember to just take the time to relax and enjoy a peaceful meal.

You could also venture out to a club or bar on your own, it doesn't matter because at the end of the day, you are enjoying you and nobody will care if you are on your own or not.

You never know who might be out there looking for their perfect match so keep your eyes open and make contact if you see someone hot.

Go dancing and let go!! Do something different and just enjoy the fact that you have ventured out on your own.

Meet your friends for a cocktail or go on your own!
Meet your friends for a cocktail or go on your own!

Places to go on Valentines Day

Hotels are a great place to hide out and go for dinner alone because it is full of tourists and business people who are also alone. Nobody will judge you and you will feel comfortable eating dinner in a restaurant alone on Valentines.

Make sure it is a busy hotel because there will be lots of people there and you might actually get to meet some.

Casino's are also fun because everyone in there is alone and they are so busy gambling that they won't care who you are there with on Valentines.

There is always a bar, restaurant and nightclub in the casino compex as well as a cinema, which would be a good idea if you find yourself lacking bravery to venture to dinner on your own.

Do note that in the casino complex, you might find a single guy doing the same as you.

Theatre productions are fantastic and a great way to spend Valentines if you are single. The shows are so entertaining that you will forget all about being single or alone. You might even get the opportunity to join others at their table too.

Nighclubs are a good way to dance your troubles away and there you will find many single people. Have a look for adverts on your clubs and specials that they do during Valentines.

Whatever you choose to do, just do it and forget about the fact that you are single.

Dance the night away
Dance the night away

How to meet people

Don't feel that there is something wrong with you because you are single. The truth is that the modern day woman does not need a man to make her life complete. Yes.... love, marriage, kids is a great idea but in the meantime you can make your own life complete because there is absolutely nothing to tie you down!

Meeting people is not that difficult and you can approach them yourself or learn how to get them to approach you.

At a hotel where there are so many tourists, it is easy to get to speak to people. Being shy is not part of meeting people and you need to take the "Don't care" attitude and just speak out.

Foreigners are always interested in finding out about places to go and things to do which will be great for you to talk about in your own town.

Should you see people sitting in the bar or anywhere, ask them where they are from and get a little information about them, this will spark up a conversation.

If there is a guy you would like to speak to then, try and make eye contact with him and get a little bit closer to where he is. Keep glancing over and if he notices you then give him a smile and you will see him approach you.

Should you be the person that is happy to be single on Valentines and you are just out with your friends for a good time, then go for it, enjoy and have fun because being single has NO LIMITATIONS!!


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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 4 years ago from South Africa

      Yes, with or without a partner you need to live life to the fullest and enjoy!

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 4 years ago

      It's never too late to party!