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Valentine's Day is a Money Making Machine for Businesses

Updated on August 1, 2017
lovebuglena profile image

Lena Kovadlo is a writer for various content sharing websites. She's an author of 10 books and helps other authors publish their books.

Valentine's Day is about professing our love for that special someone and showing them that we care about them. This should not be done just on February 14th but on a regular basis throughout the year.

So why does it take Valentine's Day to show that special person how much we love them and care about them? It is a clever marketing scheme on the part of businesses to rake in loads of money at our expense. Valentine's Day is a money making machine for businesses. When we buy that special someone flowers, cards, chocolates, jewelry, etc., and/or take that person out for a romantic dinner, what we are really doing is helping businesses increase their earnings and increase them big time.

Most of us out there fall into their scheme, and empty our wallets. Why? Some of us think that if the relationship has some problems then doing so will make things better, however, it will take a lot more than just flowers, and chocolates, to smooth things over. And emptying our wallets will not make the person love us anymore than they already do. It is a material world out there but all the material things in the world cannot buy a person's love.

And what about those of us who cannot afford to splurge on gifts or take our loved one to an expensive restaurant for a romantic dinner? Instead of being happy and celebrating LOVE, we will probably be left disappointed because we cannot provide all these "marketed" things to our significant other. Our special day will, in fact, be ruined.

And then there are those of us who happen to be single. What are we supposed to do on this special day of love? Going out to dinner with friends will not do because friends will most likely be paired off with their significant others and this will make us feel miserable and out of place. And watching TV will not help either with love movies playing and Valentine's Day ads running at full speed trying to suck us in. These are constant reminders that others out there are happy and in love while we are single, alone, and miserable. Every year when February 14th rolls around this is rubbed into our faces and there is no escaping it, it seems. It is bad enough that we are single, rubbing it into our faces just makes things worse. It is not our fault that we are single after all.

It is great that there is such a special day like Valentine's Day, a day that is all about happiness and love. But why stop there? Why not make every day a Valentine's Day so that every day is filled with happiness and love? Of course, the brainwashing on the part of businesses to get us to empty our wallets and splurge on "stuff" that we might not have planned to get otherwise, and making us feel miserable if we happen to be single, should be out of the question. Yes businesses have to survive, and Valentine's Day will definitely help them with that venture, but they should give us a break. There is enough brainwashing going around on a regular basis.

© 2010 Lena Kovadlo


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    • lovebuglena profile image

      Lena Kovadlo 6 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      It should be V day every day of the year. Too bad it's not that way. At least not for everyone.

    • rauffray profile image

      rauffray 6 years ago from BC, Canada

      For me, every day has the theme of Valentine's Day so I completely agree with you, Lena. Thanks for sharing your philosophical point of view on this.