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Valentines day scenario

Updated on February 11, 2016

We all know that in general men are lacking in any romantic creativity. With the most widely advertised romance day of the year stiring yearnings and expectations in women I thought this would be a good time to assist some of my more inept guy friends. I will write a short scenario of a playful date that will entice and surprise most any woman. The best way to seduce a woman is to engage her mind first. Taking her by surprise, knowing her passions and fulfilling her needs. These can all be satisfied easily enough if you know your woman intimately and deeply. Not just on a materalistic or superficial level. Have a seat and expand your limitations. Enjoy and good luck to you all.

I make sure that I wake up silently without disturbing her in the slightest. I creep with ninja like stealth out of the darkened room. Sticking to the shadows, I barely make a sound. The creaking sound of the opening door causes me to hold my breath and pause. Looking over my shoulder to make sure she didn't stir. Convinced she is still blissfully asleep I release a deep breath I had no idea I was holding onto like a drowning man. Which if she awoke I'm sure my clandestine plans would have been sunk. Leaving me flaundering for any excuse to explain why I'm sneaking around quietly in the dark so early in the morning.

That woman that seems to know everything I do is oblivious to my plans for once. It has taken great care and paitence to plan this day and night for her. It has cost me sleepless nights and a little bit of back alley deals with the devil to accomplish. Such an undertaking encompassed more people than simply myself to pull off. Yet oddly enough, many were truly receptive to my ideas and eager to help me make this a reality.

My first hurdle was finding what would intrigue her and confuse her to the point of frustration yet leave her unbelieveably surprised and happy along the way. Becoming so devilishly sneaky was surprisingly difficult. I thought to myself what does she do for me everyday that I could do for her and make her smile? Of course she keeps me content and taken care of. Those Little things that far too many of us take for granted. The housework and cooking are things I have neglected and she has done without complaint. My first mission in this war of hearts is to storm the beaches of our little war zone we call home. Making a mad dash to the first bunker I wipe out all resistence and leave no traces of the conflict that left debris all around our tranquil homefront.

It's utterly amazing the speed with which clutter accumalates in a home that she maintains every single day without complaint or comment. I truly don't noticed and show apprectiation for her daily efforts. She does so with such poise and grace while still remaining as beautiful as the day I met her and yet I never realized how much time and energy it takes to keep our home so pleasantly clean. I don't give her enough credit or reconigtion. Moving with superhero speed I make a mad dash throughout the house picking up clutter, dusting and arranging. Even the best of heros would be exhausted at this pace and amount of work. Between raspy breaths I keep asking myself how does she make it look so easy? Surely this woman has a "S" somewhere on her cape.

With the exhausting task of cleaning done I have to hit my secret sauce to keep going. Putting the coffee on, I make sure it is set to super strong. You know the type, so strong it can drive a truck cross country in a night by itself. Sucking down that blessedly hot elixir of life I am rejuvenated and off on mission again. Next task is to make a breakfast to fuel her day of adventure. Thankfully this is one area I take great pride in. I love to cook and she loves my food as much. This is one part of the surprise that I wasn't worried about. Making her favorite breakfast is a breeze. Left in the oven to stay warm I continue on my herculean task.

But here comes the tricky part of my plans that left many a sleepless night for me. I finally settled on something that I knew would keep her busy all day and leave her impressed for years to come. Let me tell you, it took weeks of research, bribery and planning to make this all fall into place. I'm not sure but I may have even signed rights to my internal organs over to some unscrupulous "friends" for their assistance. If I pull this off with the desired outcome, then it was worth it.

After finishing getting myself showered and dressed for the day I leave a well thought out note on the bathroom mirror for her. Let's be honest, no woman will ever pass up a mirror. Don't tell her I said that. That note sets the stage for the day. One message with a brief clue to lead her to another note and another clue. This is where I spent all my effort to make her day memorable. Tracking down her favorite activites for self pampering and shopping. This is also the part that took the most help and deals to accomplish. The first clue takes her to a mid morning brunch with two of her dearest and closest friends. Let me tell you, that letting women in on such an epic secret wasn't easy at all. Eventually, I had to bribe them. With what I don't remember. It must have been to traumatic to remember. But I do recall with shudders that it wasn't pleasant for me. The only request I made of them other than to remain quiet about my plans is to send me a picture of her at each clue and location enjoying her day.

The brunch is set with a prepaid tab in my special woman's name. She will have no concerns today except what will be at the end of the day waiting for her. The day is for her and her alone. To show her that I know her and that I care deeply for her. Part of the deal with the blackmailing demon friends was to tag along with her today and help guide her in solving the clues. They have an idea of the plan but not the entire scope of it all. Finishing up their brunch the server was given a single red rose to deliver with the reciept when asked for the check. Along with the second clue in my little scavanger hunt.

This clue though would be a little different. The diabolicall little imps she has as traveling companions weren't filled in on this detail. Yet the clue was quite clear in it's direction. It simply told her to put up her feet and get pampered properly for her next clue. What woman doesn't enjoy a manicure and pedicure? Did I forget to mention I added in a full spa day for her and her two little cohorts? Now this was by no means cheap. But with a hopeless romantic spa owner and a little side deal they gave me a huge discount. It wasn't easy by any means but it was worth it. To spoil your lady and make her feel lucky and special is worth the effort. Believe me on that one.

Of course, with any scavanger hunt the game leads to another clue and another destination. Each destination was researched for her. Each location was provided a single red rose and another clue. Each place was provided with a prepaid experience for her to enjoy worry free. The next few places are played out to give me more time to assemble her final destination and events. Let's be hones, what do women love to do most for themselves? SHOP! The next few spots in her journey are clothes stores. Ok, I admit one of those shops are for me too. I can't resist seeing my woman in some tasteful Victoria Secret garments. You know what I mean. Now not to lose you too much I'll continue on our trip.

This day was simply a diversion to keep her occupied for me to be free to set up the end. A day like this should be shared. Although this was my idea I did have help and felt compelled to include those that helped me pull this epic day off. With the help of the men of the women keeping my woman busy we retreat early in the day to finalize the rest of the day. All of which cummulated to one final destination for us all. A secluded lake. Peaceful and serene. A place that will now be filled with live music, a suitable size bonfire and plenty of laughter. This will be a day she won't be likely to forget or for me to beat for years to come. A day for her but one that is shared and enjoyed by our closest friends and loved ones.


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