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Valentine's Day Gifts For My Wife and Daughter

Updated on January 19, 2014

Valentines Gift Idea

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For All The Ladies In Your Life.

Valentines Day gift for your wife. Well for most men this can be a difficult one. There is a lot attached to this gift. Do you give her the Valentines Day gift that she said she wanted. Let me guess, She said something like we don't have to exchange gifts this year. Don't fall for that one. If she did tell you some valentines day gift ideas you are a lucky man because then you don't have to learn to read smoke signals or tea leaves like the rest of us poor guys out here and you can just get her what's on her list and all is good. If she didn't give you some Valentines Day gift ideas then use some of the ideas on this page I'm sure you will come up with something. Also think of the things she likes or the things she likes to do. Does she like jewelry ordiamond earrings so all her friends can ooh and ahh over them, or does she like to read perhaps she would love a new Kindle. You just need to think about what she likes or use the ideas here.

Does She Buy Things That She Wants.

We all know this wife or mom she doesn't really buy things for herself. She takes care of everyone else in the family. If that is your wife then buy her a gift of something she would never buy herself. Does she have a iPad but it's the first one and you know she will never replace it. Go buy her the newest model. Or does she love photography but won't go buy a digital SLR because she feels she doesn't need it. Well this is where you come in go buy her that thing that you know she would love but won't just get for herself.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Valentines Day Gifts For Your Girlfriend

When buying valentines day gifts for your girlfriend there is a lot to take into consideration. How long have you been dating? How serious you are etc. If this is your first valentines and you just met over new years you aren't going to be spending hundreds of dollars or so just something to tell her you like her maybe a lot but if you have been with her a couple of years you need to step up with a good gift to tell her your still in the game at least. Let's face it if she's put up with you this long she loves you and is expecting something decent for valentines day. Let's face it you pull off this one gift and you are set for the year she will be gushing to all her friends and even her mother. It doesn't have to be the most expensive thing or something like that just something she really wants so you know your girlfriend give them something they will really love for valentines day. You can try to think of something that first brought you together? Or even what was the first gift you ever got her or something like that. Just the fact that you remembered the little details are important.

Valentines Day Gifts For Your Daughter

Valentines Day Gifts For Your Daughter

I don't know when this whole thing about getting Valentines Day Gifts for your daughter came about but suddenly everyone is after they hit about 10 years old the start getting cards etc. Then about 12 or 13 whenever they are in middle school they usually get a new cell phone if your kid is into that, some are and some aren't it just depends. If not then some Dads are giving their kids a silver locket or a string of pearls around age 13 when the teenage years are here and you are losing your little girl for real. It has a little more substance than a cell phone that will be replaced in two years trust me she will probably give that locket or pearls to her daughter. I think the best gift my niece got for Valentines Day was tickets for her and two friends and her mom and dad to go to a concert of their favorite band. For all of them it was their first concert so it was a great experience for mom dad and all the kids.

Valentines Day For Mom

Mom on Valentines Day

I know you never buy mom anything on Valentines Day but hey since your all ready at the florist for your girlfriend or your wife why don't you pick up some flowers or a live plant for your mom. No Don't go with red roses for mom. Try carnations or a live plant. Don't forget the flowers for your girlfriend or your wife they want them red and they want roses preferably delivered to work so their friends can see them. Good luck on Valentines Day and let all the women in your lift know that you love them on more than just valentines day.

Heart, a photo by vpickering on Flickr.


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    • Celebrates profile image


      3 years ago

      You are right, concert tickets is a great gift for Valentines Day. They will always remember that first concert.


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