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WTF, Hipster Party?

Updated on December 7, 2011
Maneki Neko Figurine
Maneki Neko Figurine | Source

DC chilling is the best way to describe my last weekend; rode a bus up with my sister, went out to a party, had a bar brunch, biked and then I was on my way back to NYC. It was fun, but I advise getting @least a full weekend to explore the capital of America.

But let’s get to this party, but this was a *Hipster* party.

Hipster parties have a style of their own. If you’re getting that awkward tingle, there’s a chance you’re @one of them. Here are the symptoms of the Hipster Party.

1.PBR... is cheap and alternative. The very traits hipsters hope to embody, so of course this shall be the featured drink of the party. 2nd choice would probably be Whiskey Cider.

2.Rando-Deco. Think of cheap and alternative decorations. For example, Christmas lights are the hipster’s favorite lighting for an artsy shindig. Another example, Maneki Neko. You’re probably thinking, wtf. A Maneki Neko is a lucky cat figurine featured in a lot of Chinatown shops, and YES this was indeed @the party I went to in DC. WTF indeed.

3.Hats. Okay, next time you’re @a party with hipsters see how many of them keep their hats on. I guess it doesn’t matter if they’re sweating profusely from their foreheads, as long as they’re rocking their hats that are so full of personality.

4.½ Talking & ½ Dancing. The hipster parties split into 2groups; (1) hipsters letting loose through wild dancing or (2) awkwardly yelling/talking over the music about the latest underground artist.

5.Brick- / Art-Walls. This is essential for the perfect Hipster Party location. It needs either brick-walls or art-walls or maybe even both. Maybe it’s because brick walls make you feel underground..? And art on the walls makes the art feel kind of ‘underground’.

If your party has @least 3of these symptoms, then it’s probably hipster. Is that a good or bad thing? Not sure, but it’s definitely alternative.


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