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Want To Buy A Present For Someone Who Loves Germany? A Few Ideas!

Updated on December 1, 2016

So, You need to buy a German gift

What do you get as a present for someone who really likes Germany and all things German? Well, if they're not resident in the country, then probably a couple of plane tickets and a hotel booking, for a lovely vacation weekend spent enjoying Gluwein and wurst, would be absolutely ideal. but barring that as the favoured option, then there are plenty of alternatives, of course.

Food is one of the foremost. Germany, the land of a thousand wurst! Which, in case you weren't aware, is the German for 'sausage', and what sausage it is, too! Of course, when a country or region specialises in a particular food, over the years and decades and centures it can't help but get very good at it - and Germany is certainly very, very good at pork-related products and especially wurst! It's amazing all of the places where you can buy the delicious stuff, too. Yes, I'm talking about online!

Yummy German sausage and cheese

Creative Commons licence
Creative Commons licence | Source

Or German Wine?

It's amazing where you can buy German wurst these days - just check out any online shopping site! And if you think that perhaps it's not a very celebratory and Christmassy gift to give, then how about German wine instead? It's justly famous for sweet deliciousness, and often has a relatively low percentage proof, so you can also feel virtuous about keeping your alcohol consumption down. Again, German wine is easily ordered online - direct to your door!

Buy Lovely German Wine!

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Creative Commons licence | Source

Buy German Literature?

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Creative Commons licence | Source


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