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Little Red Flower

Updated on July 26, 2012

Little Red Flower

On Memorial Day you will see a lot of people wearing a red poppy. You will also see people that served in the military wearing the poppy as well. The wearing of a poppy honor's America's Fallen Soldiers during War on Memorial Day. The wearing of a poppy came from a Poem which was written  by John McCrae.  The poem said: In Flanders Fields The Poppies Blow Between The Crosses. Row On Row That Mark Our Place And In The Sky The Larks Still Braverly Singing, Fly. Scarce Heard The Amid The Guns Below. We Are Dead Short Days Ago, We Lived,Felt Dawn, And Saw Sunset Glow, Loved And Were Loved And Now We Lie In Flanders Fields

Impact Of Words

This poem impacted two women, Guerin and Michael. The two woman decided to start the sale of artificial poppies to help the one's effected by the war. In 1920 Guerin and The American Legion, began the first poppy sale in the U.S. In 1922 they had trouble with the distribution of the poppies, So Michael did a small distribution at a conference she was having at the Ymca and she used the poppies as a symbol to remember the war.

Poppy Was Given A Name

The poppy was adopted as the official memorial flower of the VFW in 1922 and the first nationwide handing out of poppies that was ever conducted by any veterans organization.

There was a shortage of poppies In 1923, so the VFW relied on florists to make poppies . Do to the shortage of poppies this led to the VFW officials using the unemployed and disabled veterans to make the artificial flower. The idea of this was approved in late 1923. In 1924 the first poppy factory was built in Pennsylvania. This provided jobs for the veterans and helped give financial assistance and ensured a steady, reliable source of poppies. Each year the VFW distributes roughly 14 million poppies worldwide.

The VFW gave the flower a name and called it the Buddy Poppy. "Buddy" was made up by the poppy makers as a tribute to their comrades(friends) who did not come home from the war or who were scarred and crippled for life.

In 1997 the VFW celebrated the 75th Anniversary of it's official Flower. While the sales from the Poppy have helped countless veterans and there families and orphans as well over the years, the poppy itself survives as a tribute to those who have given their lives for Our nation's freedom.


The Poppy Flower today still holds it's meaning and always will. It still helps Veterans and There Families today. This is why you see so many people wearing that little red flower on Memorial Day.


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