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Wedding and Anniversary Gift Idea - Crystal, Gold and Silver Wine Goblets, Glasses And Champagne Flutes

Updated on February 13, 2011

Gift Idea - Wine Goblets And Champagne Flutes

Wedding and Anniversary gifts are among the toughest gift-giving challenges we can face, especially when the happy couple have been together for decades - what do you buy for a couple that already has everything?

You want to give a gift that is both meaningful and special, something that shows them that you care and that celebrates their love for one another. And no one likes to give (or receive) a gift that will just sit on a shelf and never be used...

When you're stuck for an idea for that perfect wedding or anniversary gift for a friend or loved one, why not turn to tradition?

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Traditionally, we give gifts of various materials for those milestone wedding anniversaries. Here are some of the commonly given gifts for those milestone anniversaries:

  • For Newlyweds, Crystal is commonly given, often in the form of a vase or glassware.
  • For the 10th Anniversary, Tin and Aluminum were the traditional gift ideas. Since Pewter is an alloy that is mostly made from Tin, it makes a great alternative without being exorbitantly expensive.
  • For the 20th Anniversary, Platinum is traditional
  • For the 25th Anniversary, the traditional gift is Silver
  • And for the 50th Anniversary, nothing is more traditional than Gold

Here is a list of other traditional and contemporary anniversary gifts.

How A Wine Goblet Is Made

Wine Goblets and Champagne Flutes

Since most of these are expensive precious metals and out of the reach of many gift givers, a more affordable gift idea might be wine goblets or champagne flutes. These are great gift ideas that the happy couple can get plenty of use from, as opposed to something pretty or expensive but not as useful - like a serving tray or a picture frame.

Wine goblets and champagne flutes make wonderful gifts for celebrating both the newly married couple and those long-time lovebirds.

Wedding Gift Idea - Crystal Champagne Flutes

When your newlywed friends or loved ones embark on their journey of matrimony, help them celebrate their love with a set of Crystal Champagne Flutes.

Whenever they celebrate those special occasions in the future, they'll remember you when they use their Crystal Champagne Flutes.

Anniversary Gift Idea - Pewter Wine Goblets

Pewter is an excellent alternative to the traditional tin or aluminum theme, since it it composed mostly of tin.

A set of Pewter Wine Goblets make a great gift to celebrate that first decade of wedded bliss.

15th Anniversary Gift Idea - Crystal Wine Goblets

The Traditional 15th Anniversary Gift is Crystal, so why not a set of Crystal Wine Goblets for the loving couple in your life who are celebrating a decade-and-a-half together.

20th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Platinum Wine Goblets

The 20th Wedding Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with Platinum, so a set of Platinum Wine Goblets make a perfect gift to celebrate 20 years of marriage.

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Silver Wine Goblets

When celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the happy couple, the traditional gift is one of Silver, and a set of Silver Wine Goblets or Silver Rimmed Wine Glasses make a wonderful gift.

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Gold Wine Goblets

For those couples who manage to achieve the remarkable milestone of 50 years together, the traditional gift is one made of Gold.

So instead of an expensive piece of jewelry, why not a set of Gold Wine Goblets or Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses to commemorate the occasion!

Different Wine Glass Styles


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