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Wedding Speech Success

Updated on August 16, 2009

Wedding speech

The big day

Wedding speeches be they performed by the groom, the best man, or the father of the bride are probably one of the most nervous times you will experience, unless you have to do some kind of public speaking in your day to day life you will be positively shaking at the thought of standing up and giving a speech in front of your friends and family.There are many tips to help your speech go as smoothly as possible and i aim to let you in on them.

Firstly i am getting married on the 10th july 2009 and have to make a speech naturally.I am in no way shape or form the most confident person in the world and certainly have no experience in public speaking, i have however done a lot of research before the big day and have gleaned some tips on how to prepare and deliver your speech.

Be Well Prepared

Being well prepared is paramount when deciding to write a speech, i think my speech was virtually finished 3months before the due date.As soon as you and your wife to be have announced a date you need to start thinking of things you would like to say in your speech,Who to thank,what lovely words you would like to say to your new wife,mentioning people who cant make it, etc etc.Get some of these thoughts down onto paper or your computer as soon as you think of them otherwise they get forgotten in amongst all the other stuff you have to plan and remember.

Wedding Speech Order

The wedding speech order is important,In order of who goes first it is usually the father/mother of the bride followed by the groom,then the best man is saved till last as his speech is the one most people look forward to.The father of the bride needs to thank everyone for coming and to tell a few stories about the blushing bride then its the grooms turn and he will again thank people for coming and will also thank the brides parents for accepting him into their family and for producing such a beautiful daughter,say a few words about how beautiful his new bride looks and then finish with thanking bridesmaids and ushers then introduce begrudgingly the best man.

Execution of your speech

It will be perfectly natural to have nerves leading up to the big day but don't panic the people attending are your friends and family and certainly aren't there to see you fail they are there to love and support you in your speech or if its the best man speech they are there to hear a few jokes and as long as you rip the groom to bits they will be happy.Make sure that you have two copies of any notes you have taken, you can either write key points down or the whole speech,just make sure if you have the whole speech be sure to look up from your notes so it doesn't look like your just reading straight off of them.Be sure that when you read your speech you try and look relaxed so then family members will be relaxed as well.

Talking slowly is most important as i found myself rushing my speech when practicing it,about 800 words or 5 Min's is about right for most speeches,so speak slowly and make sure that you look at your audience every now and then and get good eye contact.Also make sure you speak loudly and clearly as i found my voice would drop down to a whisper when practicing and im not the loudest talker anyway.I have my speech written down on index cards as i think if you stand there and unravel sheets of A4 paper it looks messy.


Just remember everyone is there to love and support you and is not wanting you to fail , they are there to enjoy themselves and to see the happy couple have a lovely day,you may get the odd drunk relative who likes to try and embarrass you by shouting out remarks but i think if you just point them out in front of everyone and make a small joke out of it it should shut them up.In short relax enjoy yourself and remember its just five minutes of your life,once its over you can have a drink and relax.Good luck


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    • profile image

      Dilys 7 years ago

      Every time I see something about Wedding Toast - I can not help but think of the Seinfeld Episode where Jerry is making fun of George on a wedding toasts and Jerry says "that is the first time I ever hear anyone curse during a wedding toast".

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      thank you all,@bev yes prompt cards are great i used them at my wedding and they worked well,including helping my best man who is dyslexic,he couldnt read the words properly on a computer screen but printed out in a bold typeface onto prompt cards helped no end. :)

    • profile image

      Bev Langford 7 years ago

      Good Hub,

      I like your style of writing.

      I agree with David, prompt cards are smaller than having a whole written speech to refer to and are much neater.

      Thanks for making the effort!

    • H.C Porter profile image

      Holly 8 years ago from Lone Star State

      Nice Hub-Wish you all the luck on your speech

      hc porter

    • profile image

      David Lyon 8 years ago

      Great article! I would recommend using prompt cards instead of having a fully written speech to read. Furthermore if you feel you are talking too quickly, simply add a comment on the prompt card to "PAUSE" at certain points of the speech. An example of this would be just after making a joke, allow your audience time to process and laugh acordingly, then continue when everyone has calmed down.

    • profile image

      Tony Ward 8 years ago

      A very good article. Might I just add that it is extremely important that everybody who makes a speech understands exactly what they are supposed to do as part of their speech. Do they need to make a toast, present flowers or gifts and if so when.