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Weekend Ideas for Memorial Day

Updated on May 30, 2013

Memorial Day is almost here, so it’s time to start thinking about your weekend plans! Here we’ve provided some ideas for you to consider if you’re staying home, going out, or possibly traveling. We hope one of these ideas will brighten up your weekend and make it a bit more enjoyable! This is the start of summer for many people, and it’s a great time to bring out the grill and ice cream. Just picture yourself hanging out with your loved ones and relaxing poolside.

Staying Home

For those staying home, this is the perfect opportunity for you to invite some friends and family over. Consider watching a movie, cooking, or playing some outdoor sports together! Having this weekend off is perfect for those who need to reconnect with our loved ones and take our minds off of work. Hopefully the weather in your area will be perfect for an outdoor picnic of juicy ribs, fresh fruits, salads, and sweet desserts! I just love having big meals with my family and catching up. In this hectic world you can easily forget how precious these moments are! On the other hand, if you desire some much needed me-time, consider treating yourself to a personal spa treatment or relax on the deck with a cool drink. Take the day to sleep in or read a book that will ease your mind. Don’t forget how important a break is!

Going Out

If you’re just itching to get out of the house but want to keep traveling to a minimum, try searching for local festivities in your area. There will probably be tons events like parades, concerts, and Memorial Day services. With permitting weather, think about spending the day at the beach or the park. Relaxing at the beach would be my ideal weekend because I just love to people watch and take a cool dips in the ocean. But if you go, make sure you have some sunscreen handy and be prepared for the crazy traffic! For any readers who love to shop, there are also some great sales going on! Check your favorite stores online to find out about any discounts and specials before you go. Now is the perfect opportunity, ladies, to shop for that stunning monokini swimsuit! And in the midst of all these activities, don’t forget that this is also a wonderful opportunity to give back and volunteer. I’m sure that your local veteran organizations would appreciate any time or goods that you provide!

Mini Road Trip

If you’re up for a little road trip, grab some friends and family to spend the day at a theme or water park! Driving will only be half the fun because you can indulge in some tasty snacks, share crazy stories, and basically bond! Here in Florida, the popular destinations are Orlando and Key West. Orlando is home to the famous Disney World, Universal Studios, and Wet n’ Wild Water Parks. These are amazing family attractions that will surely be unforgettable experiences. Although Key West is a small town, it has plenty to offer. The waters are ideal for fishing and boating, and the locals will definitely make your day! If there aren’t any theme parks close enough for you, consider visiting some family farms and museums. Going to farms are great experiences for kids because they can pick their own fruits and play around with nature for a bit. Many also sell delicious homemade pastries and smoothies that you could never find in stores!


For those of you who can afford to fly out of town, I highly recommend the hot spots like Washington, New York, and Miami. These locations will definitely be hosting wonderful events for the public to celebrate. Washington will be holding its spectacular National Memorial Day Concert, National Memorial Day Parade, and Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally. Thousands will be in attendance to see our wonderful marching bands and veteran units from all 50 states perform alongside beautiful patriotic floats. In New York, you can catch a glimpse of a free Today Show and Good Morning America Concert featuring Mariah Carey! There will also be plenty of street fairs within the city and fabulous gatherings in the Hamptons and Fire Island. At Miami’s South Beach, crowds will swarm just to relax by our amazing blue waters. There will be many yacht parties going on, and this week is the start of the ever popular Miami Urban Beach Week.

I truly hope this weekend will be safe and enjoyable for everyone. Take the time to reconnect with yourself and enjoy life! And in the midst of having fun, don’t forget that Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have lost their lives serving our country. Spare a moment and thank our service men and women by writing inspiring letters, donating goods, or simply giving them an honorable salute.


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