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What Can I Write in a Baby Shower Greeting Card? What is a good message?

Updated on February 23, 2012

What to say for Congratulations, or a Baby Shower Card

There aren't many more times in life more exciting than when a new baby is born. A whole family is changed from that point on, and to send a note of congratulations can mean so much. Let those in your life know just how happy you are for them.

It often doesn't seem like much time goes by before it is already time for a baby shower, or adoption party. Whether you are purchasing a card, sending an e-card, or making your own card, I hope you find ideas here that you can use that will be helpful. Adjust the wording as needed to fit the situation. Thank you for stopping by.

Messages and Sentiments to add into a Baby Congratulations Note.

How happy you must be, the time is so close now! A new little hand to hold and life to love. Congratulations.

Baby Shower or Baby Congratulations Messages and Sentiments

Welcome, Sweet Little One!

Congratulations on your new Baby. What a blessing!

We couldn't be happier for your new little arrival. Congratulations on your New Baby.

Congratulations on your new little life! May your world be filled with joy and laughter and smiles.

Babies are miracles! Congratulations on your new Baby.

Congratulations on the Birth of Your Baby.

Sent from Heaven above, especially for you, Congratulations on your Baby.

Babies are such a blessing, Congratulations!

Congratulations on your Baby Adoption.

Time to get ready for a new little life! We are so excited for you! Congratulations

The time is getting closer and closer, enjoy every minute! We look forward to meeting the newest addition to your family!

Congratulations on your upcoming adoption, what an exciting time!

What a lucky little baby to have parents like you, Congratulations.

Wow, time sure flies! It won't be long now, and I am so excited for you!

Welcome to our world, little one.

Nothing quite compares to that love that you are about to know for your new baby. Congratulations.

Congratulations to you and the child you are adopting. What an amazing blessing you will be to each other's lives. Wishing you all the best.

A new baby to hold your arms, and in your hearts forever. Wishing you joy as the day draws closer.

Welcome Baby Girl, we have been waiting for you! Wishing you a beautiful life ahead.

To the new parents - Enjoy each and every little step of this wonderful journey. Congratulations.

A little boy, how exciting! So much fun to have, so much to love. Congratulations to you all.


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