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What Does Easter Mean To You?

Updated on March 16, 2012
Easter Photo
Easter Photo | Source

What Does Easter Mean To You?

As Easter is quickly approaching, I thought I'd write a Hub to see what Easter means to different people. I am not religious myself and would consider myself an Atheist, but Easter obviously means a lot to some people.

I was leaving the office the other day to go and get some food for lunch from our local Sainsburys. As I walked through the main doors, all that can be seen is Easter Eggs. To Sainsburys, it is obvious that Easter means big bucks!

This got me thinking. Over the past years, Christmas has become more and more commercialised and it seems that it has lost all it's original meanings. I have quite a few friends who are religious, so I thought I would email them to see what Easter meant to them.

Here is what she said...

What Does Easter Mean To You?

Easter can only ever mean one thing to me- that Christ is risen, and the tomb is empty. Growing up, Easter meant twirly new church dresses, tiptoeing downstairs with eyes alight in anticipation of a basket of goodies, dyed fingers from decorating hard-boiled eggs, and lunch at Grandma's. Later, those simple pleasures were replaced by the single-minded drive to purchase and consume as many Cadbury's Creme Eggs as I could find at the grocery store, followed by a queasy nap in my college dorm. All of that changed when I had my first child.

Holding that first precious bundle, my mind immediately began to plan his future- not in the college, job, grandbaby way, but rather, his future as an eternal being. I wanted him to have the hope that I had lately found- the sure knowledge that this world is NOT the end, that we don't fall into sleep after death, but rather wake up into a life that is eternal.

I want more for my children than a basket full of goodies with the subsequent upset stomach, more than a snapshot with the Easter bunny at the mall and a basket full of brightly colored eggs. I want my children to wake on Easter morning with a song on their lips and hope in their hearts of the life to come. Of course, there will also be baskets of chocolate and special egg hunts, a twirly dress and an Easter bonnet for the baby, and memories of a holiday spent with family and friends, but above all, there will be a celebration and a remembrance of that empty tomb all those years ago, the sure knowledge of what that means for us as we live our lives in view of eternity. That is what Easter means to me.

This is a fairly short hub just to try and get some interaction.

The question is, What does Easter mean to you?

Do you celebrate Easter for Religious reasons?

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    • profile image

      hey hey hey 

      6 years ago

      easter is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RTalloni profile image


      6 years ago from the short journey

      We use the term Resurrection Sunday because Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection is our focus for that holiday, but it is our focus throughout the year, as well. This special time of meeting with believers, having family time, and stopping our normal routine to highlight the resurrection is a precious opportunity for Believers to take stock of our standing before God and refresh our commitment to our faith with humble hearts according to His Word.

    • Silver Fish profile image

      Silver Fish 

      6 years ago from Edinburgh Scotland

      You can have a look at my hub which looks at the pagan roots of all these easter symbols:

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      If I celebrated Easter at all it would be because Jesus rose from the grave and ascended to paradise in Heaven.

      Now, the whole deal with the giant rabbit, running around, leaving eggs it threw out to give us candy, which is something that just sucks because you know how much kids love candy. To not receive anymore the next day is just a bummer.

      Anyway, that bunny and candy deal is just weird, and a little creepy too because theirs no real way to depict it. Case in points, check this out:

    • Silver Fish profile image

      Silver Fish 

      6 years ago from Edinburgh Scotland

      Nice hub.

      Easter to me is nothing to do with Jesus.

      It's about the return of the sun,new growth, fertility and life.

      Bunnies, eggs and hot cross buns all the way here!


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