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What Gift to Buy for Someone Who Has Everything

Updated on October 31, 2012

What DO you give to someone who has everything?

A person who has everything... what type of person would that be? Such a person would probably be at least somewhat materialistic. He or she has probably spent years accumulating “stuff”, after all, our culture certainly supports consumerism through media and advertising. If something can be dreamed up that is fun, pretty, or remotely useful in some way you can bet that someone will be looking for a way to market it.

Buying for an individual who has everything can be difficult. I have found that it is useful to take into account what you know about the recipient of your gift. What is your relationship to this person? Professional, relative, close friend, or acquaintance?

Try to find something that expresses something special you have seen in the recipient of your gift. Attempt to find something that expresses what you have shared with your friend, be it in a professional, close, or not so close relationship.

If you can make a gift, or do something special that is creative and original, it would be something that they may remember long after other, store-bought gifts are resigned to the attic or given to the Goodwill Store. Creating something original, that is made by your own hands means that there would be only one such item in existence. You wouldn't have to worry about him or her already having the identical gift. That kind of thing would be the perfect gift for someone who has everything!

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