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A few easy things I've done for Halloween.

Updated on December 26, 2012

The Graveyard

Most years my wife & I convert our front yard into a graveyard by making home made headstones.

The headstones are easy to make using pieces of Styrofoam and wooden stakes bought at places like Lowe's and Home Depot. Then we write poetic epitaphs on them. We write the epitaphs about the teenagers in the neighborhood.

Here is what you need to make the headstones.

One package of pre-cut Styrofoam 16" x 48" x 1" thick. Each pack contains about eight pieces of Styrofoam and will make sixteen headstones.

One bundle of 24" x 2" x 1" wooden stakes. You'll need enough stakes to glue one stake on each headstone.

One hot glue gun and enough glue sticks to glue the wooden stakes to the Styrofoam. You'll need one extra stake to make holes in the ground for the headstones.

One box cutter. It's needed to cut the Styrofoam into the shapes of headstones.

One (or more) adult to supervise making the headstones.

One magic marker to write the epitaphs.

One hammer to drive the stakes into the ground.

The first thing you should do is to cross cut the Styrofoam into 16" x 24" pieces. Then you cut each piece into headstone shapes. Write the epitaphs on the headstones. Use your imagination for the epitaphs. I write them about gory ways the neighborhood kids died...Uhh, the kids haven't really died. Hot glue one of the wooden stakes on the back of each of the headstones leaving enough of the stake sticking down to hold the headstones up in the ground. Use the hammer and the extra stake to make the holes in the ground. Push the headstones into the holes you made with the extra stake.

Some of the kids may try to steal their headstones. We encourage this.

A fairytale princess should glow.

I put a four foot long fluorescent black-light on the front porch. It makes many little princess' gowns glow in the dark.

Our porch has four columns with a carriage style light on each one. For Halloween I replace the regular bulbs with flicker flame bulbs. It helps give the house a spooky appearance.

She's a witch!

Is there a Witch Doctor in the house?

My wife has a four foot tall porcelain doll. She also has a crystal ball.

We put the crystal ball on the coffee table in the living room. Then I put a candle behind the crystal ball and I line up the candle so that the flame is seen from the front door through the crystal ball. Then we put a black, hooded cape on the doll and put her with her back to the door and we pose her like she is gazing into the crystal ball.

The skull.

I have a full size and fairly realistic skull with a motion sensor in it. I put the skull in a large bowl then fill the bowl with candy. I have the trick or treaters reach into the bowl to get a handful of candy. This causes the skull to laugh and it's eyes to glow.

That poor little girl.

One year the kids weren't stealing their headstones because the graveyard was inside the fence around our yard. I grabbed my hatchet and a wooden stake and I began moving the graveyard to the other side of the fence.

My costume was a Wizard with long gray hair and beard plus a matching gray cape.

I had just finished moving one of the graves and I turned around to go to the next grave sight. I didn't see the little girl that had walked up behind me just before I turned around. Now here I am with a real hatchet in one hand and a real wooden stake in the other. She was dressed as a vampire.

I've never heard a gasp like that except in the movies.

Vampire Nick

Evil dogs


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