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What Would You Like For Mother's Day? FlavorStone Cookware

Updated on August 30, 2016
9.5" Casserole Pan by FlavorStone
9.5" Casserole Pan by FlavorStone | Source

Background Leading to FlavorStone

Last week my youngest son was on Facebook and decided to click on a video link. Because it was on a friends post he assumed it was safe. Boy was he WRONG! It ended up being a virus, and I spent the following day trying my darnedest to get rid of it. Nothing I did or tried seemed to work so off it went to get fixed by a professional. I'm sure you're wondering what this has to do with Mother's Day. To make a long story short I suppose my son felt a tad bit guilty, (not that he'll ever admit it) and said to me, "I'm going to get you a really nice gift for Mother's Day. When is Mother's Day? What would you like for a gift?"

I was still upset over the computer and growled back at him, "I don't want anything for Mother's Day. It's sometime in May."

Mother's Day

Thinking back to this short conversation with my son got me thinking about some of the things that are on my wish list. I never expect anything for Mother's Day but have to admit it is nice when my boys do buy me a nice gift.

For the most part, my favorite Mother's Days have been spending the day with my family followed by enjoying a meal together that I don't have to cook. Don't get me wrong I love to cook, but every once in a while it is nice when someone else does the cooking.

This is what I'd like for Mother's Day

For anyone that follows me you know how much I love to cook. After seeing this infomercial about FlavorStone cookware, I have to have this. This to some I know would be the worst Mother's Day gift possible, but to me it would be the cats meow.

Reasons Why I Have to Have FlavorStone

  • On your stove-top you can fry, grill, boil and cook a roast without turning on your oven.
  • Because you don't have to use your oven this will be a savings on your electricity or gas bill.
  • You don't have to use any oil or butter when cooking in these pans, so therefore this is a healthier way of cooking.
  • You only use this on a medium burner setting. Again cost saving.
  • Cleanup is a breeze as the food slides out.
  • It is made with a sapphire non-stick surface and apparently nothing will stick to the cookware, even if you happen to burn something.

FlavorStone Is Reasonably Priced

The price of FlavorStone cookware is quite reasonable as far as I'm concerned, as for $165.00 Canadian, you receive a deep pan with a lid, sauté pan, casserole pan, a steamer insert, and as a bonus a Thunderstick. You can upgrade to the deluxe pot set, which gives you a saucepan with lid.

I was quite excited over this product when I saw the infomercial and still am after visiting their website. The main reason I wrote this hub was to let my readers that like cooking know about this product. If you'd like to visit their website and see the product or order a set of cookware for yourself go to: FlavorStone. This is the Canadian site however there is a link to the U.S.A. site there as well.

Is FlavorStone a product that you'd be interested in purchasing?

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