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What Your Halloween Costume Reveals About Your Personality

Updated on September 29, 2015
What does your costume say?
What does your costume say? | Source

What Does Your Halloween Costume Reveal About You?

Dressing up on Halloween means a day or evening of good fun. But it might also be the one time of year when you can live out your secret fantasy of being a superhero or princess, or loosen your inhibitions by becoming a burlesque dancer or dressing in a French maid costume. Did you ever think that your choice of Halloween costume might reveal a secret facet of your personality that you keep under wraps the rest of the year?

Read on to see what your Halloween costume is saying about you.

Halloween is Big Business

Halloween Spending Tops $7.4 Billion

  • In 2014 the National Retail Federation reported that 7.4 Billion dollars were spent on Halloween in the U.S.
  • Americans spend an average of over $77 per person.
  • Total spent on costumes 2.8 billion
  • And that’s not just on kids’ costumes! $1.4 billion of that is spent on adult costumes.
  • Americans would never leave out Fido and their favorite pets. They spend $330 million on pet costumes.
  • The most important part of Halloween for many is the candy. $2.2 Billion will be spend on candy!
  • Halloween decorations? Another $2 billion dollars spent!

Which Halloween Costume Do You Love to Wear?

  • Good Witch – Herbalists and midwives in the middle ages, witches had many positive characteristics. Dress up as a good witch and you might be yearning for people to come to you to be healed or soothed. This could show a secret wish to learn the hidden magic of the forces of nature.
  • Bad Witch - You may choose to be a bad witch, an old crone witch, with an evil cackle that scares children and adults alike and has a few secret spells up her sleeve. This might be a personality that is demanding respect of their supernatural powers, or maybe a latent bully!
  • Ghoul – This personality revolves around cemeteries, death and dead people and definitely reveals a dark side that might ordinarily be deeply hidden.

What's Your Favorite Costume?

Which Halloween costume do you most enjoy wearing?

See results
  • Full Body Animal Costume – This is an introvert costume. An animal costume is a great way to hide from the rest of the world. Not only will people not know who you are, they won’t be able to tell your height, weight or if you are male or female. This is the ultimate camouflage.
  • Zorro or the Joker Costume – These masked costumes are also introvert costumes. The wearer can hide behind their masks while acting out their alter egos of hero or villain.
  • Burlesque Dancer or Saloon Dancer – The spotlight will be on you! You’ll let your extrovert self go in these costumes as you dance, drink and be merry! Certainly, some flirting is right in character, so have fun!
  • French Maid Costume – Maybe you are sexually liberated, or maybe you wish you were? Either way, this costume says something about your secret self!
  • Wonder Woman, Batman or Superman - Want to save the world or be a hero of the masses? Choosing one of these costumes shows a personality that wants to stand up for the little guy and triumph over the forces of evil. For one day, the person in one of these superhero costumes can be the ultimate good guy (or woman)!
  • Princes or Prince Costume - Do you dream of being pampered and showered with riches with your subjects at your beck and call? Mabe you already act like a prince or princess, but your subjects haven’t quite recognized your royal status. Dressing in these costumes will make it plain.
  • Peter Pan or Tinkerbelle – These costumes show a desire to recapture childhood and shed the responsibilities of adulthood. These costumes personify childhood dreams of magical abilities and innocent, simpler times.
  • Vampires and Werewolves - Choosing an evil costume like a vampire or a werewolf shows a personality fascinated by the dark side. Maybe this is an attempt to get in touch with your own dark side and live out a fantasy for a night!
  • Gypsy – Ahh, my favorite! Express your love of color and travel, glitter and gold, magic and fortune telling. You can live it all in your gypsy costume!

What Personality Traits Do You Express on Halloween?

If you are usually a conservative, quiet guy, do you yearn to shed that suit and become Superman for a day? If you force yourself to be outgoing every day, wouldn't it be nice for an evening to hide out in a nice puppy dog suit where no one knew who your were?

What is your costume of choice on Halloween? Does it say something about your inner self or your secret desires?
This article Copyright ©2011 by Stephanie Henkel


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