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What are Crowd Control Products?

Updated on July 25, 2013

Crowd Control Products

Crowd is a definable and large group of individuals. A crowd might be definable with a mutual tenacity or set of sentiments, like at a looting- called as psychological crowd, political rally or during sports event or simply shopping, in which people are in a business and busy area such as mall. Everyone in the setting of a general public or known as the common people usually denoted to as the masses. The word crowd is frequently defined in divergence to the other cluster nouns for assortments of the humans or the animals; throng, aggregation, rabble, audience, public, group, mass, populous and mob. The crowds are distinct by their common emotional involvements, but the masses are demarcated by their interpersonal separation.

In the human sociology, the word mobbed means extremely crowded, it’s like in a busy shop or in the mall. In the behavior of animals, mobbing is a type of technique in which many beings in one species gang up in an individual which is larger than the other species.

Crowd control is a way of controlling the crowd, this is to avert the outburst of disorder and also for the prevention of a conceivable insurrection. Some instances are at soccer game or matches, situations like mass quarantines due to bio terror attack or an outbreak of a disease, when there is mass decontamination or when there is a sale of some goods in which excess customers are being attracted. Some materials being used to control and direct the crowds are fences, decals, stanchions, and crowd control barriers, some also are painted in the ground. Making the crowd relaxed and comfortable is also important, so stuffs like entertainment, awnings and cooling fans are as well being used.

Some specific products that are being used to implement public guidance and line management in high movement areas include the systems of retractable belt – which is integrate a stanchion post and a retractable tape, the other system is the wall mount which also including the retractable belt but they are surface mounted. Systems using ropes and posts are common also, most especially in the theaters and banks.

The Crowd control barriers this is also referred also to control barricades, this is commonly used in many events which include a lot of people. They are commonly seen at outdoor festivals, sporting events, demonstrations, parades and political rallies. Some security personnel, event organizers and venue managers, used this and already part in their plans of crowd management. The barriers of crowd control act as a psychological and physical barrier, they are used in demarcate or the no access zones, and to designate lines for space. Some police also used in other social large gatherings.

The product of crowd control includes; the rope barrier, barricades which consist of nadir, wooden sawhorses, interlocking steel barriers and the mojo Barriers. There are also the Temporary Fence, Privacy fencing and the Decontamination foam.

The Rope Barrier

Rope barriers are intended to be constructed with the post stanchions. Rope barriers are also called as crowd control ropes, this is to afford an fashionable means in controlling the crowd. These ropes are in locations in wide array, in car show, nightclubs, banks, ticket lines in theaters and more. This type of barriers can also be used in order to organize and separate a large group of people from the line to give protection in some displayed items. These fashionable rope barriers are intended to amalgam in flawlessly in even the chicest establishments like high-end or exclusive clubs events.
The rope barriers are created from a foam cord inside then it is covered with unusual velvet. Polished the chrome end hooks and caps which allows these rope to affix in any stanchion posts or polished chrome. Rope barriers have features which are durable and sturdy hooks, intended to stand up in a commercial environments or busy retail store.

The Crowd control barricades

Crowd control barricade is most frequently made of steels, though lighter-weight type plastic disparities they are sometimes used also. The barrier is most operative when they being interlock and attached to each other in line by the use of hooks in the side in each barricade. When the barricades are being interlocked, the security personnel create an impassable line, for the reason that such type of lines barriers will not be able to be tumbled over.

The Nadar

This type of control barrier has been created by a French photographer Nadar in order to to have a safe distance in the crowd. Until now this barrier is being used.

The Wooden Sawhorses

This is a type of barrier has a shape like a sawhorse, that is made from wood. This was create in the mid and late 20’s. Its legs are parallel but somewhat heavy duty duplicates of the original hobby sawhorse and they have the same height. The straight bar contains of a hefty duty board that is about 4.2 meters or 14 ft long with large letters printed on: Do Not Cross- Police Line. Start in the 1980s, sawhorses that is made from wood is then replaced with the steel barriers and has been used in many events like parades during holidays.

The Interlocking Steel Barriers

The Interlocking steel barriers stood untested in France in the year 1951. The original barrier which is Samia was established to help to maintain order and safety throughout France's communal confusion of the year 1950. This kind of barricade later became accepted for the crowd control use in other European countries, then eventually, in the United States.

The Mojo Barriers

The Mojo Barriers are type of temporary fencing that is usually used in some public events like festivals and concerts . They are exactly used for unraveling the part open from the stage to the public. These type of barriers was established by Dutch in the year 1980, and used by some event organizer in the Mojo Concerts. Numerous types of fencing most especially the regular crowd control barriers that was used earlier, but these types could lead to smothering.

The Mojo Barriers are established in order to provide protection among the visitors of some events. The height of this type of barrier prevents the suffocation of the visitors when moving towards to the stage. In the side of the stage, it has a small steps which allows the guards to lift out the people safely. This type of barrier can be packed flat and stacked into dollies.

The regular Mojo Barriers are made by the use of steel or aluminium. The other types include the following:

  • Sections of Bar barriers that is made out of plastic
  • Gate sections with turnstiles or without
  • Pitstop Barriers, a steel barriers that is British designed which has wide steps provided for the security guards

The Decontamination foam

This is commonly known to be Decon foam, it is a solution for cleaningwhich is spray-on. Because of its physical possessions, it provides a longer dwelling time on the soiled exteriors than the regular liquids and therefore it gives an effectual decontamination of chemical and biological contaminants.

A Decon foam is frequently comes in two different bottles, when they are mixed, it expand in order to produce many times. The decon Foam are used also an an medium area denial weapon in order to control the crowd, one way of its usage is making the ground greasy, aslo to reduce the visibility. There are two kinds of the decon foam, the SNL 100, which is made in the Sandia National Lab. and the MDF200, this is the Modec decon type of Foam.

The Temporary Fence

This is used when constructing a permanent fence is whichever unneeded or impractical. This Temporary fencing is also used when there is a need or to provide crowd control, public security or safety, equipment storage or theft deterrent. It is used most common is as a construction hoarding to provide security fencing in the building sites. Other is for site division in large events or in a public restriction on a business construction sites. It’s is seen at parking lots, disaster or emergency assistance sites and some special outdoor events.

Privacy fencing

It is the usage of fences to protect and provide privacy, this is usually to prevent the outsiders see a private property. There are ethnic dissimilarities with respects to the practice of fences round the properties. For example, common in the European countries to place a fence round the whole border of property, the front border is also included and with gate in order to give access onto the property. Yet, in some parts of North America, the fences are usually used only in the edges in between the properties that are back against each other and along to the sides of the properties and up to the point in which the house originates. The obverse lawns in such neighbors are frequently exposed to the street.

An attractive and well-built privacy fence usually gives value to a property and home. As utmost home purchasers have pets and children which needs privacy fencing in order to secure their pets and keeps the children safe while playing.

Crowd Control - Retracta-Belt Stanchion Demonstration


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