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What do Women Want as a Gift on Valentines Day

Updated on January 9, 2012

It is the season of love once again. It is the season of fun and showing your special someone how special they are and showing them your love too. Other people surmised that Valentines Day was created by Hallmark and other love greeting card companies, the Catholics, the many flower shops owner, chocolate factory owners or truly because of the "Saint Valentine". No matter who invented the special day for hearts we are celebrating it because we know how to love and that’s the essence of it, on that day be one in enjoying and celebrating it, showing your love to your special someone is of course the most nicest thing to give your loved one. It is just like a special day for letting your loved one feel special and wanted too. It is not that you dont show your love everyday of the year but then enjoying the day for it could be fun.

As a woman, I would like to say that Valentines day is a special day for lovers and those who knows how to love (whether romantic or not), because everyone of us knows how to love. Sometimes, you just love and it is better if you don’t expect anything in return, but then it is a joyful feeling if somebody will also love you in their own special way. A saying goes that it does not mean that the other person doesn’t love you, if what he/she does does not measure to your expectation. When you love, you just love and give your best, and it is better for you if you don’t expect anything at all, so that you will not get hurt, there is joy in loving, but then of course it is better to show your love in words and action too.

Valentines day should be very special, c'mon everybody loves to be loved, isn't it? it is the day that we know we are special, same thing for men too. It is not that we crave for gifts and material things but then the thought that goes with it is very heartwarming as well. With the many introductions I gave, so what do we really women want as Valentines gift?


What do women really want on Valentines day?

  1. We want our men to make us feel important and the most important person in their lives and that we are their better half, co-equal as well.
  2. We also want romance

I read this one when I was looking for a Valentines card to give my sister who is a widow and it really encapsulates what women really want to have on this day.

I feel that every woman in this world would love to be truly desired by the person they love. To hear things like, "I've been thinking about you all day and couldn't wait to get home to see you." For the man to make the woman feel like the sexiest woman on this earth. By giving her his undivided attention at the kitchen table and in the bed. I think women want romance! They don't need expensive gifts to feel good. They just need some TLC sometimes to heal the soul.

3. We also want Appreciation

Yes, we want to be appreciated, a thank you love card, a card that shows and tells us why you are so thankful for having us Thank you for your love and for staying with me is very nice words to hear, add “I love you” or you can pretty play well with the words.

4. We also want Intimacy aside from romance

Intimacy on that day and from then on, Call it "sappy" or “corny” but then holding hands, hugging and kissing on the cheek or the lips if you must any moment of the day is very sweet, or sending your partner to the door with a sweet kiss when he goes out or arrive is sweet too, just ask, “Are you okay, is fine with us women, or say the magic word “I love you” again and say“You’re the most beautiful person for me“, and say it with sincerity and with accompanying actions when your out and about. Its the little actions everyday that counts.

5. We want your attention and we want you to listen to our rants and remarks

We want attention and your ears when we are talking, please listen to us and then say it honestly when you see us looking good, appreciate us for what we are, and what we do to you too. Just listen to our rants and we know you are listening and make us the most important part of your life the moment we are starting to talk, we sure we know how to have the correct timing too. Just listen and all, for example we talk about mundane things, or what happened to our day etc.

6. Make us the feel that we are the most beautiful woman in your world, that we are your Goddess and you stare only at other woman yes, but you look at us adoringly and with love of course.


On Valentines day too, don’t ask your gf/wife/date partner what do they want, its your take on that day to treat us in your special way, so don't make us appointments for our dates with you, free us from the usual stuff we do, and you need to be the one doing the thinking and planning. If you’re thinking of dining out or cooking for us on that day it will be an awesome idea, prepare for it with an element of surprise. We are very appreciative and will be very happy.

How about material things?

  • if you can give us some material things too, we appreciate it if the gifts were prepared in advance too, that you did spend time preparing it for us and better be not cheap ones LOL, as we may always check the receipt too (just kidding).
  • Jewelries are always safe by the way, but it should be to our taste and we can wear it, not necessarily that expensive but at least the type that you know we will like.
  • Lingerie could be fun too, as long as you know that it will make us feel good
  • Other stuff which you will think that we will like, just listen to what we say at times and you could have a good grasp of what we really like too
  • I dont believe that money is a good idea, be creative, cook for us your special meal or then treat us with your poetry
  • Flowers and other stuff like chocolates are classic, but you need another one more===, always put a card with the magic word, “I love you” the more sappier it is the better. "I love you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Thank you for being there for me always".

Well, to summarize it, all we need are: to be appreciated and to feel very special that we are really the most beautiful and most special person in your life on Valentines day and throughout the year too. Material things are just the side dishes but we need more the love and attention we deserve.

Happy Hearts Day to all!


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