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What is the perfect Christmas gift for a man?

Updated on June 1, 2013

What is the perfect Christmas Gift for a man?

Buying a Christmas gift for a man can be a real challenge for your imagination and certainly is not easy to choose. Not only because you have plenty of options available, but in general, men seem to have everything they want and if you ask what he would like to receive, probably he will shrug his shoulders and will respond "I have no idea." And the funny part is that he is telling the truth - he has no idea what he needs, what is the perfect Christmas gift for a man. But you certainly have some ... You just need to know him a little - because it is better give him a gift as personalized as possible, and not a "generally valid" as if you do nothing than to pay the obligation. The available options are many and varied: electronic devices, cool gadgets (mobile phone, digital camera, MP3 player, computer components, computer games, favorite music CDs, DVDs). If you want to get him a fancy gift, you could always get a painting from a photo.

Music, Video and Games Gifts Ideas:

Grace Digital GDI-TW3USB 7-in-One Stereo Entertainment Center, Paprika
Grace Digital GDI-TW3USB 7-in-One Stereo Entertainment Center, Paprika

If he loves music, an unconventional music player is the perfect Christmas gift. Additional, you can create a personalized playlist just for him.

Christmas Gift for Man
Christmas Gift for Man | Source

A man is like a child, he loves gadgets

Another cool idea would be to offer him an original gift, but that will certainly be a delight: a day spent in an unusual way, but he will certainly enjoy. There are many clubs that offer such services, you just need to choose based on preferences recipient: skydiving, karting, horse riding. A recently study depicts that men will always remain children somewhere in a corner of their soul ... therefore they will play throughout their life, even if toys will evolve and change, along with technology progress. Yesterday, electric trains, today, the last model of iPad or iPhone. You don't know what's all the fuzz about them but your partner will explain delighted and eager about knobs, buttons and features. Look at him, his glowing eyes... For a man any type of gadget is really fascinating ... Most men are convinced movie lovers, so they want to benefit from sophisticated devices to watch movies in optimal conditions. Or Formula 1. Or Champions League games (we talk about men, is it not?).

I'm not saying a man will never appreciate a good book. I'm just saying there are times when he will read a book just because he has a new gadget that allows him to do so. And I'm talking about Kindle. With this eBook reader he will carry thousands of books and documents with him wherever he is. This one is for the book lovers, not video gaming fans!

Christmas Gifts - Fashion items

In other words, even though women are more concerned with physical appearance and clothing items (sometimes to the despair of men, especially if you accompany them shopping), this does not mean that men would be careless or indifferent to the way they look. Instead, you need to give attention to this issue. Therefore, the choice is indicated clothing accessories: shirts, sweaters, scarves, and various accessories: leather belt, wallet, waist bag - any man will be glad to receive it. A valuable book is a gift he will remember for ages. If it's last editorial appearance from his favorite author, you hit the jackpot. Another good ideas are desk accessories, leather briefcases and writing instruments.

Fragrance Parfume for Man
Fragrance Parfume for Man | Source

Fragrance is a perfect gift for a modern man

If you know your man is modern and concerned with his appearance it's time to change your strategy. Forget about gadgets and technology related gifts and focus on something that will enhance his appearance. A fragrance is the perfect gift for him. A fragrance will enhance his personality and it will make him unique.

Fragrance Gifts for Men

Narciso Rodriguez For Him by Narciso Rodriguez 3.3oz 100ml EDT Spray
Narciso Rodriguez For Him by Narciso Rodriguez 3.3oz 100ml EDT Spray

If a man is charismatic and socially implicated then you should try Narciso Rodriguez For Him, Eau de Toilette.


Hobby gifts ideas for men

You can buy a gift start with defining interests of a man. Start with his profession, his hobby or even with his tourist preferences. This may offer gifts ideas according to: Profession, Hobby, Sports Activities, culinary tastes and preferences, artistic inclinations, musical preferences , clothing, cars and engines;

Gardening gifts are perfect for men who live especially in rural areas.They will appreciate something that will enhance their garden. A set of tools, green house, lawn accesories

A gift for a music lover

If you buy a gift for a man who loves music, you can always get him a personal home studio. I know it sounds fancy, but electronics are not that expensive these days. You can buy a full setup around $200-300, and he can create his own music, sing his own lyrics and record his voice, share the results with friends on the internet. Make sure he has a passion for creating music, and make sure he's interested in the idea of recording his own voice. Learn here about home studio under $300.

What do you think is the perfect gift for a man?

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Men's Gift Ideas


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      occunnipt 2 years ago

      for everyone! Love this post.It is helpful.

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      John 6 years ago from US


      You are right, just put the pieces of the puzzle together and start shopping!

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      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, great ideas, so many things to chose from, now all I have to do is figure out who wants what! lol