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What is essence of celebrating Veterinary Surgeon’s night?

Updated on September 19, 2013

: The 2013/2014 University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Veterinary Medical Association Veterinary Surgeon’s night celebration.

Have you ever heard of Veterinary Surgeon’s night celebration? It is a celebration that is expected, by its concept, to be part of all Veterinary schools around the world. However, it is possible that the different Vet school have various names for it. Therefore by the time you finish reading this hub, you may be able to relate it to similar event in your Vet. School if you are a Veterinary student. A Veterinary lecturer once told his students that the idea to use symbols and signs in the medical profession is because of the need to protect the secrecy of the medical profession to the uninitiated. Therefore, it means the journey in the medical training involves some levels of initiation and the taking of oat to protect the ethics of the medical profession. This is another event, they call “Oat taking.”

The veterinary surgeon’s night as celebrated in University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (UNN) is a dual event. The first phase is when a student intrepidly uptakes the training having in mind the hard work, commitment, and high level of professionalism the training demand. The second phase is celebrated by those that did not fail behind.

At this stage an opening speech by the president of Association of Veterinary Medical Student UNN-Chapter will explain the event better.

“A speech presented by the AVMS president, Chibuike Arinzechukwu Ugochukwu, on the Veterinary Surgeon’s Night held on Friday, July 12, 2013.

The Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,

The heads of Departments,

My lecturers,

My special guest,

Ladies and gentlemen, and

My fellow AVMSITES

I humbly welcome you all to this year Veterinary Surgeon’s night. I am glad that most of you could find time to be here despite the very short notice given for this event. Above all, I thank the almighty God for he made it possible for us to overcome the setbacks and the Veterinary Surgeon’s Night, for 2013 session, is now a reality.

The first duty of every AVMS president is to organize a worthwhile Veterinary surgeon’s night consequently my administration is not an exception. The veterinary surgeon’s night marks two very vital events in the life of a veterinarian. Firstly, it is the time a veterinarian is welcome, officially, into the training. That is the pre-clinical years of the professional training. This is by induction of DVMII students (Third year). Secondly, it is also in this same arena that the final year students, having successfully completed their training, are sent off. For this reason, this event is a point of transition in this Nobel professional training in that as one set is leaving another is being welcome.

The duality of the Veterinary Surgeon’s night is not a mistake. This is because if we do not know where we started then we cannot know where we are going. The present final years should never forget the journey so far. This is because their induction was in this same event few years ago and today we are thanking them for successfully making it to the end. However, they should know that the main challenge begins upon their graduation and we trust they are honorable men and women that will make us proud. Therefore, your sent off today does not mean that you are no longer with us for we shall always remain a family but it means we have found you worthy of representing us in the society.

To the current DVMII it is my pleasure to welcome you via your induction into the veterinary training and I trust you shall continue to uphold the etiquettes of our Nobel profession.

I thank you all for your time.”

Some of the Event beauty pageant

Second runner up in Females
Second runner up in Females
Winner in Males
Winner in Males
Second winner up
Second winner up
Winner in females
Winner in females

Some of the inductee still enjoying unprofessional attire and having fun

Some of the latest Vet. Doctors. CONGRATULATION!!!


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