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What to Get the Girl Who Has Everything

Updated on August 7, 2012
My little sister opening what she calls her "favorite present ever," a personalized shirt made by me!
My little sister opening what she calls her "favorite present ever," a personalized shirt made by me!

Give the girl who has everything the best gift ever without breaking the bank!

Most of us know a girl that literally has everything; a closet dripping with designer gems, Louboutin heels, and gold-clasped handbags. When a Holiday rolls around everyone starts freaking out- what in the heck do you get a girl who already has it all? Not to mention, how do you afford something worthy of her high-and-mighty closet?

No need to fear, here are five flawless gifts that any girl- with or without everything- would love to receive!

The Gift of Listening

We worship materialistic items but in reality, what makes us warm inside is not a wrapped up ring from Tiffany or a Rolex watch. It’s the more emotional things, like when you realize someone truly cares about you, listens to what you say.

If a girl you love has an upcoming birthday start paying keen attention to everything she says. Make a point of going places, perhaps a random shop by the beach or an outlet you don’t regularly frequent so that all objects will be new and exciting. In this environment, you are sure to hear her say, “I like this, oh and this too!” more than a couple of times. Take note of all the things she likes, you’ll be coming back later to purchase some of it.

If she fingers a lot of inexpensive items, go back and collect them all. It will remind her of the day you spent together, she will gasp and say something like, "When did you go back and get this….” Or, “But, how did you….” A smile is also guaranteed and not the fake kind we all hate making, opening presents in front of a crowd.

Once proudly practicing this trick, start doing it year-round. You’ll find that with plenty of spare time, the most amazing surprises can be found. Even if it’s something small, like a journal from the museum you visited together last Spring, it will mean more than money could ever afford.

Create a Scrapbook

Perhaps it seems like something your Grandma would do, or the task of buying overpriced stickers is daunting, but there’s nothing a girl will cherish like a scrapbook.

Chocolate gets eaten, jewelry gets stolen, and frames get interchanged, boxed, and forgotten but scrapbooks are beautiful conversation pieces, placed out on coffee tables and elegantly stacked on shelves. When I was in high school I knew two girls- Jaymie and Christy- who were best friends, I wasn’t that close with them but I happened to be at Christy’s house one hot afternoon when Jaymie came by. I remember her room was pink, and we were all sitting around a desk. Jaymie had brought over the scrapbook the two of them had jointly been adding to, after one gifted it to the other. I thought it was so sweet how they had that book to share together; they had even decoratively arranged relevant memorabilia, like tickets and an old napkin, around the photos.

A few years ago, Jaymie tragically died in a freak accident leaving Christy without her best friend. Although I had not spoken to either girl in about four years, I thought of that scrapbook when I heard the sad news.

A scrapbook is a way to remain in ones heart for the rest of their life, no matter if you are physically there with them or not.

Also, the receiver knows how much work you put into the book, how much each page means to you both, this is yet again something money can’t buy- and something no one else could ever duplicate or replace.

One of my favorite gifts of all time, this personalized frame
One of my favorite gifts of all time, this personalized frame

Anything Engraved

On my 21st birthday one of my best friends gave me a beautiful silver frame, specially engraved and empty of a picture. “I want you to put a picture of us from tonight in it.” She told me, as I fingered the swoops of the engraved words.

And I did, and today- three years later- it still sits out in my living room, a reminder of the amazing friendship we have.

Frames are not the only things to get engraved! Many sites now offer a whole slew of things to engrave, from bathrobes to necklaces.

Already wearing a shirt that I made for her, Haley goes to open another!
Already wearing a shirt that I made for her, Haley goes to open another!

Make a T-Shirt

Make a personalized piece of clothing for her birthday! You can include photos, sayings, anything to make her laugh or feel good. These shirts can be very inexpensive, typically remaining under $30- including shipping.

Sites like allow you to create all kinds of clothing using whatever pictures, words, or layouts you wish. I have done this for two friends and on both occasions the feedback was sheer excitement. Most of us are not going to jump online and start making a shirt that revolves around us, that’s why it’s the perfect gift! When made by someone else, the shirt is fun and acceptable. Even if they don’t want to wear it out in public, it will dominate their nightgown drawer for years to come. Evoking memories of your friendship and perhaps even a few giggles.

Our happy clan taking Heather (second from left) out for her birthday!
Our happy clan taking Heather (second from left) out for her birthday!

A Night Out

Think of someplace she has always wanted to go, maybe a comedy show or an offbeat concert, a romantic restaurant or a side-street cafe. No matter the location, she will greatly appreciate the gesture. Start looking on sites like ticket master for upcoming events near you. A great idea is if an older band that you two used to really love is coming to town; this will make a fun and memorable night while remaining more affordable than seeing the hit artist of the moment.

While materialistic gifts are often forgotten, a solid memory will forever remain. Make sure to take photos so that afterwards you can have one framed- perhaps even engraved with whatever memories relate you both to that special night.


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    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Great ideas. I'm trying to buy my cousin a gift.

    • Becky Bruce profile imageAUTHOR

      Becky Bruce 

      6 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Hey Shelley, glad to know this article is approved by you... a woman with everything :) My own parents are the same way, they just want our time or homemade gifts. I guess that's why I am the same way now! Thanks so much :)

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 

      6 years ago

      Hi Becky, I feel I am the girly who has everything - so on my birthday I ask my husband and son for time. That has become the most precious commodity - husband is fine - it's the son who is soo busy. So we stay at home, sit and talk, drink tea, have lunch and perhaps watch a movie. What a great birthday treat! Up, useful and interesting.

    • Becky Bruce profile imageAUTHOR

      Becky Bruce 

      6 years ago from San Diego, CA

      True true, Ticketmaster can be pricey but hey, I did suggest seeing the older and less popular band for cheaper tickets and a more memorable experience! hahaThanks Mr Rumple :)

    • rcrumple profile image


      6 years ago from Kentucky

      Until you brought up Ticketmaster, I was thinking, "She's the type of girl that cares more for the thought than the price. Let's see......$0 for listening...$30 for a scrapbook....$40 for an engraved frame...$30 for a T-shirt...$200 for tickets....ah, let's go back to listening!"

      Another well organize and informational Hubpage! Great Job!


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