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What to Wear to a Holiday (Christmas) Party - Affordable Options for the Lazy Girl

Updated on December 4, 2015
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I hoard knowledge and love the randomness that inspires new topics - head author / editor at Dragon God Tomes

My Christmas Party Outfit

Hey ladies - it's that time of year again. Christmas parties. Office holiday parties. Dinner parties. All of which require a sensible, yet completely adorable outfit. When my husband told me of his office Christmas party this weekend, I realized that I had no idea what to wear. Last year, I wore a maroon maxi-dress with a long striped sweater and found myself overdressed as the majority of his co-workers wore jeans and flannel. This year, I intend to look classy and understated.

* Note: all of the items chosen for this look are affordable and offered through Amazon Prime so you can have them to your door within two days

Protip: dress for comfort while adding a splash of sophistication. A statement necklace and a blazer can go a long way in turning a casual outfit into a party outfit

The Casual Blazer

This is an item you'll find near unlimited uses for. I opted for a cotton, one-button version with puckered three-quarter length sleeves.

Last year, I realized that I had four blazers in my closet - none of which I ever wore. Because they didn't fit right, they were of a heavy material, and they were full sleeved; making everyday wear difficult for someone like me who gets hot easily. I found the cotton version looks just as professional, but adds an ease of wear and comfort to a classy look.

The Classy Yet Fun Top

Two things to keep in mind at an office Christmas party: 1) wear something that fits well, and 2) wear something that isn't low cut or too provocative. Though you may know your co-workers well and though many of them might be for the more casual, flirty look; honestly, you may feel uncomfortable around all the upper-tier people because you're a bit more exposed than they are. I sure was at last year's Christmas! Though my maxi-dress went down to the floor and my shoulders were covered by my cardigan, my cleavage was a bit more exposed than I realized until I sat down at a table full of my husband's very Mormon co-workers. That said, dress to your own level of comfort. If you want to be flashy, own it. If you want to be provocative, make it yours, girl.

The key is to find a shirt that fits well, meaning you won't find yourself pulling at it all night; while also looking casual and cute at the same time. I opted for a flowy glitter tunic-length top. It's very comfortable, doesn't show much cleavage, and makes me feel put together with the blazer.

The Perfect Bottoms

I KNOW leggings are an unprofessional choice, but their cousin, the jegging, offers a bit more fabric and coverage while still looking comfortable and put-together. Make sure to find a pair that has a thicker fabric and has pockets on the back for more coverage.

I chose a suede jegging in a dark blue. The material is thick enough to look and feel like real jeans, but the waist and material is stretchy enough that I feel comfortable.

Over-the-Knee Riding Boots or Booties

My personal favorite boot at the moment is my grey over-the-knee riding boots. They're flat and comfortable to wear, and women always mention how cute they look. They key here is to embrace a style that you feel comfortable in but that fits the occasion.

Also, keep in mind that you may be on your feet a lot, depending on the type of party. Many bloggers would suggest heels because they look more sophisticated than flats; but you lose the mobility and comfort.

But for me, I'll always choose flats. I'm on the tall-ish side (at 5'7") and prefer knowing that my feet won't be hurting at the end of the night! :)

Statement Necklace

I absolutely love statement necklaces because they immediately make an outfit feel more special. They even have them for super-cheap at places like Wal-Mart (if you prefer to shop jewelry in person). Look around and find one that makes you feel special.


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