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What Women Want from Their Men as Gifts on Valentines Day: Best Gift Ideas

Updated on August 28, 2017
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Anamika S. Jain has been a social media consultant for six years. She has written more than 200 articles on relationships and dating.

Many men normally do not get beyond red roses, Candies, Chocolates, teddy bears, Movies or Concerts, Candlelight Dinners or Valentines Day Cards on that day. While there may be many women who are happy with it majority of women want much more.
Many men normally do not get beyond red roses, Candies, Chocolates, teddy bears, Movies or Concerts, Candlelight Dinners or Valentines Day Cards on that day. While there may be many women who are happy with it majority of women want much more.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine's day right around the corner, many men tend to think if they knew exactly what their women want on the valentines day. Some men even forget that it is a day for lovers and celebrating love. Many men normally do not get beyond red roses, candies or chocolates in heart shaped boxes, teddy bears with I love you, movies or concerts, candle light dinners or pink cards trimmed with red colored hearts on that day. There are many women who are happy with those gifts. But the majority of women want much more from their man on a valentines day. They do not mind any of the above gifts but they would want it to be combined with other gifts.

Even single girls or guys meet up with friends for drinks or food on the valentines day to celebrate the occasion. What men want on a valentine day and what women want on a valentines day are very different. Women are die hard romantics and emotional creatures. They expect their men to please them with gifts at least one day a year on the valentines day. Many women wish to have fairy tale Valentine days where their guys in life treat them like a princess and sweep them off their feet. For men, valentines day is a perfect opportunity for them to be romantic and shower their loved ones with gifts and express their innermost emotions. In fact, I do not like this idea and prefer the entire 365 days of the year a Valentine day.

For many women, red roses are the preferred way to say "I love you" over hugs and kisses while men prefer the physical appreciation more. Women like me want to be spoiled by their partners on the valentines day in every way possible. So what are you giving your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? Here are some choices apart from the usual flowers, chocolates, candies, candle light dinners or cards which can be an addition to the main gift. Here are 7 gift ideas women would love from their men.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for a Loved One

Looking for best valentines day gifts? Here are some ideas you can use.

  1. Gemstone Jewelry: Gemstones jewelry is an instant hit with all women irrespective of their ages. Jewelry studded with diamonds, rubies or emeralds are a favorite with women. Be it diamond stud earrings, heart pendants, bracelets or necklaces women love it all. You can personalize it by getting an engraved piece of jewelry. You can even give her birthstones jewelry based on her birth month. If you are short of money go for affordable gold or even a silver jewelry but never buy fake stuff for your woman. So how about buying some jewelry for the love of your life?
  2. Designer wear: Women loves to show off their designer stuff to others. So if your woman is fashion savvy she would love designer watches, hand bags, dresses or jewelry. A woman likes it best when her man makes her feel ‘nothing but the best for my girl’. A specially engraved piece of jewelry or watch or her brand of perfume can be some options you can look for. So what can be better than buying some designer stuff for your Valentine?
  3. Intimate Gifts: If you are intimate with your partner gifts like lingerie which can make women feel incredibly feminine and sexy. You can even look at a vibrator as another option with a note ‘honey, this is for you when I am not there’. But then again these would be wrong gifts if you are not intimate with your partner or if you are not engaged to be married to your partner. So how about buying some intimate apparel for your lover this Valentine's day?
  4. Thoughtful gifts: You can pick up thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend or wife as well. Women like thoughtful gifts from their partners and you can score some major brownie points if you pick the right gift for her. Women appreciate it when their men get those gifts straight from their heart. If you know that your woman wants a certain thing go ahead and gift it to her. That way you are giving her what she wants. Some options here can be books she wants to read, some gadget she fancies or some music she would enjoy listening or a gift certificate she can utilize at her favorite spa.
  5. Personalized gifts: Most Women like their men to pick personalized gifts for them. They do not want their men to pick the gifts in a hurry. My 60-year-old friend from the US who was married to his wife for over 30 years gave her a digital photo frame with pictures taken of them together over the years on my suggestion last year and told me that his wife told him that it was the best gift he ever gave her. Another friend of mine who got married on a valentines day with his childhood sweetheart revisited the place they went for their honeymoon on their 5th wedding anniversary.
  6. Propose marriage to your girlfriend on the valentines day: There is nothing more romantic as proposing marriage on a Valentines Day. If you are going steady with your girlfriend and have decided to spend life with her what can be more romantic than expressing your feelings for her by giving her an engagement ring and proposing marriage on the valentines day? Many people have already done this and continue to do this.
  7. Romantic holidays: This is one of the best valentines day gifts a man can give to his woman. You can go out and spend the day and night with her at some place you both love. Women love holidays and cruises with their lovers. You can give her the undivided attention she wants there and make her feel special with other add on gifts like chocolates, flowers, candies, movies or candle light dinners. Most women love to spend time with the men they love along with good food, flowers, chocolate, champagne, and music. Men, valentines day is the day to discover the romantic in you. So go ahead and show your women your love and commitment towards her.

So how about giving a wonderful gift to the woman you love along with other accompanying gifts while the songs "I will always love you" or “everything I do I do it for you” play in the background? I know I do sound like a hopeless romantic here. Anyways, women, do you have a wish list as to what you want from your boyfriend or husband as a valentines day gift please feel free to share it through comments. I wish you all a happy valentines day with loads of romance and gifts.

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