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What's better than flowers and candy this valentine 2015!

Updated on December 23, 2014

Its your Valentine! Live it!


An ecard for you to send!


Its Valentine!

14th of February heralds Valentine's Day every year. It not a holiday, but is celebrated with a great amount of enthusiam throughout the world. It marks the day of love.

It is in line with cosy mornings, warm winters, understanding silences , silly pampering, surprise hugs, stolen kisses, being an angel and a blesing to have one in your life.

So how does everyone celebrate this lovely day? The most common ones are:

1. Flowers: Flowers are what everyone uses to vie the loved with Red, Yellow, Pink Roses, Tulips and its marks the special flavor of Valentine. Flowers are used to express love and believe it or not they are the favorites of all girls.

2. Candy or chocolates: After the flowers its the turn of the candies and chocolates to keep the taste buds in the mouth as well as in the mind fresh and delicious.

3. Cards: What goes along both flowers and chocolates is the lovely Valentine card with which you can express your love. Well paper cards are now getting off the block and has been largely replaced with ecards or messages on social media. Various ecard sites offer wonderful and lovely expresssions such as, americangreetings, Hallmark and a host of newly established players for this.

4. Clothes: Once the ritual of flowers, candies and cards is over, it time for the lovely dress and clothes which can go with the overall look of Valentine's Day. girls can have long gowns, short tunics, beautiful frocks while boys can have suits, jeans and t-shirts or formals. Comfort is perhaps the most essential quality one looks for in attire. Apart from quality, fabric, range, fit and style. A mix of all these is what makes Valentine an exclusive choice for men and women of all ages.

5. Dinner: Many couples celebrate Valentine's with Candle lit dinners, special evening outings and have food to complement this lovely day.

6. Disco: After all this , we should not forget the the dance hitting the floors, coming together and rocking it out with live bands or just the two of you dancing together.

7. Drinks: Well, drinks are the flavor of this event. However, one should not over drink and lose out the true emotion of this event.

8. Gifts: And yes, how can we forget- buying gifts for your Valentine! It could be anything to make your love happy.

Just Bend it to Valentines!


Cranberry Strawberry Cake


But how can you make it any different?

Of course, with all the excitement of Valentine, you can still make it different and valuable. Here are some ideas for do's for the day.

1. Go to an orphange together and help a soul rebuild his or her life. Make someone realise that together you are there for them.

2. Take your valentine to an ice restaurant for a small drink. Chill out at this amazing different place with everything icy - icy tables, icy glasses, icy, lightings, icy ambience.

4. Go on an adventure, trekking or to the nearby hill or sea beach and just be together. It will mean a lot to both of you.

5. Visit an old age home together and show the elderly how much you all love them. Make them feel special and live this lovely day. You will not know how much happiness you will gain from it.

6. Make everyone smile this day, by saying you love them. Small words of hope and laughter will make everyone love you.

7. Get your valentine to share love with orphans. You will make them happy and in turn be happy yourselves.

8. Whip up some icing cream and cake flour and together create a cranberry strawberry cheese cake. Eat it with friends at the end of the day with some lovely red wine.

9. Spread love by loving everyone around you in whatever way you can since love is the flavor of the day.

Valentine's is not just for the two of you, it for providing love to everyone around. It is romance not just between the two of you, but with all the people whom you love.

Its a festival of the world and all countries celebrate it in their own manner.

So, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU ALL! Have Fun and create Joy..

This one is for your love!


Valentine Texting/SMS Messages

To top it all there must be some wonderful Valentine Message which can be sent to your loved ones. This will make them feel special and close to you. You may check some beautiful messages at Make your loved ones feel that you care and what's better than to write a feel wonderful lines of thought which can transcend through into your love's mind seamlessly.

Valentine Jokes

And if you still have some time in hand, rummage through some body tickling jokes. Share and Laugh together with all your heart. Let the smiles cheer you both at these stressful times. Have a look at the great ones at some of the best websites featuring them.

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