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When You Turn 18 – What If Feels Like to Be the Debutante

Updated on September 22, 2014
Debut in the Philippines.
Debut in the Philippines. | Source


So when is your debut? You must be very excited about it. This is the time when you’re formally introduced by your parents to everyone in your community, especially to a few eligible bachelors. Who knows, your crush might be very interested to attend or you can invite him. Isn’t that exciting?

Also, during this time, you will be given the full rights that women of legal age exercise, including dating someone. However, more than this, your debut is your “coming-of-age party” that is celebrated with your family and close friends. It is very momentous like a wedding. Here’s more that you can expect on that day.


Just like any typical celebrations, there’s an opening prayer wherein you’ll be the highlight. Your church minister will pray over you. In some instances, everybody will be asked to raise their hands and offer prayers for you. It will be a spirit-filled moment.


The emcee will announce your arrival and entrance. Upon entering, your escort will go with you and together you’ll be performing for the guests through a traditional waltz. For many women, they choose their crush as their escort for the night so they really feel extra special and you too can do that.

A debut entrance.
A debut entrance. | Source


Oftentimes, this succeeds your opening dance so that your guest dancers will have more time to enjoy the party. This dance actually takes six to eight months to master and can last up to ten minutes. There will be 10 pairs, including you and your escort.


Your debut is also the perfect time to showcase your talent. Usually, the debutante sings or dances. There are a few who plays violin, guitar or any instrument. This depends on you. Just make sure you practice always so that you can deliver a fantastic performance, which can be very attractive to the bachelors around.

Debutante Presentation.
Debutante Presentation. | Source


Each of your pre-selected 18 male guests will give a red rose and then ask you to dance for a minute or so. You’ll feel like the most beautiful woman on earth at this moment with men who will consecutively give flower and dance with you. This will be concluded with a dance with your father, which can be very sentimental.

Dance with the dad.
Dance with the dad. | Source


After the dance, each of your family members will be called and asked to give their message. The last ones to do this will be your parents. Usually, this moment is filled with tears of joy.

Giving of message to the debutante.
Giving of message to the debutante. | Source


Your girlfriends also have a role. Each of the 18 will give their message and light a candle for you.


This applies if your father is not around like his abroad for work. If this is the case, the 18 white roses will fill in his absence.


This time, 18 of your guests will give you a gift. You will then be given the option to open the largest and smallest among the gifts.


There will be 18 people (male and female combined) who will altogether take a shot of wine or any alcoholic beverage to honor your debut.

18 Items.
18 Items. | Source


The band will play your favorite music while you go around and say hi to your guests. They will also serenade everyone while having dinner.


Just like a wedding couple, you will be asked to take a slice of the cake first. You and your escort can do this together.

The blowing of birthday cake.
The blowing of birthday cake. | Source


This is actually the most awaited part in every debut. You will deliver a speech and thank everyone who has been part of your life.


At this juncture, you will have all the time to enjoy the night with your friends and family.


That is the end of the program. Do you have any realizations so far? All of these can actually be changed. You just need to negotiate with your debut package provider.


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    • Evane profile imageAUTHOR

      The Filipina Digital Entrepreneur 

      4 years ago

      Hello there Rajat Tyagii! :D Me too I wanna be 18. hahaha. And, I wanna have a grand debut.

    • Rajat Tyagii profile image

      Rajat Tyagi 

      4 years ago from India

      Ahh... I still wanna be 18!!!


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