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6 Best Thanksgiving Gift Ideas - Where to Find Hostess Gifts

Updated on November 23, 2014
Beautiful Thanksgiving table centerpiece
Beautiful Thanksgiving table centerpiece | Source

Should you take your hostess a Thanksgiving gift?

How often do you need to find a Thanksgiving gift? Well, you can buy a gift for anyone at Thanksgiving to show your appreciation, but, at the very least, you need to buy a gift for the Thanksgiving hostess--or host--anytime you are invited to spend this holiday with someone.

So, yes, you should definitely take a gift for your hostess--or host--who invites you to his or her house for the Thanksgiving holidays. Inviting someone to dine with them on Thanksgiving seems to be a common practice in the United States for those who have nowhere to go.

A hostess gift doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. There are several simple ideas you can consider that will surprise and please anyone.

1. Food and Wine for Thanksgiving

Offering something edible is always a good choice for a hostess. Walking in with a bottle of wine in hand—if you know your recipient likes it—is a viable option, as well. Cakes, pies, cookies, and other baked goods are always a great choice to appeal to the sweet tooth of your host, but be aware that dessert may already be prepared and plentiful. As an alternative, you can find delightful baskets that include food items along with a beverage such as wine or tea.

Since you probably don't know what is on the Thanksgiving menu, opting for a bottle of wine or a specialty food basket to be enjoyed later, perhaps when the turkey is gone, is an excellent--and safe--choice.

Sometimes a homemade card means the most!
Sometimes a homemade card means the most! | Source

2. Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

A simple Thanksgiving greeting card is a sweet gesture on your part that is sure to be welcomed. A few thoughtful lines are sure to make your hostess feel special and appreciated. A card is an easy, inexpensive way to show your thanks for the hospitality graciously extended to you.

If money is an issue, make your own homemade Thanksgiving greeting card. Whatever card you decide on, include a sincere, handwritten note inside. A few heartfelt words of gratefulness may be the only gift you need to give.

Beautiful autumn bouquet
Beautiful autumn bouquet | Source

3. Autumn Flowers for Thanksgiving

Bouquets of vivid fall colors are perfect for any hostess at Thanksgiving. Flowers are a perfect gift for most occasions, and Thanksgiving is no different. Surprise your hostess with an autumn bouquet. Consider ordering online for ease of delivery as well as significant savings.

If you order online, make sure your bouquet is scheduled to arrive at least the day before the Thanksgiving meal in order to ensure your hostess has the flowers for decorating. If you take the flowers with you on the day of the festivities, you will be providing your hostess with a perfect centerpiece for the meal or a bright decoration for another part of the house.

4. Inspirational Thanksgiving Gifts

What about an inspirational gift for your hostess? Sayings about giving thanks can be imprinted on items such as coffee cups. They can be put on practical items that serve as reminders, items such as calendars, magnets, and bookmarks. If you know your host would appreciate an inspiring message, then you will certainly touch her heart with this type of gift.

Candies with Thanksgiving decorations
Candies with Thanksgiving decorations | Source

5. Thanksgiving Candy

Candy is a great idea for any holiday. Do you have some of those Halloween candy pumpkins left over? Or candy corn? If so, take that! Seriously, though, add to it with some other goodies.

Come up with your own mixture of candies, or look for unique candy items online such as chocolate turkeys! Chocolate turkeys? Really? How cool is that? You can also find caramel filled apples, peanut butter pumpkins, and chocolate fall leaves. Specialty candies are always a good choice. They satisfy the sweet tooth and add décor to the holiday.

6. Practical Thanksgiving gifts

If you want to give a gift that can be used over and over, look at such items as serving platters and coffee mugs—complete with a Thanksgiving or fall design. You can even find t-shirts or warm winter sweatshirts with autumn décor. If your host has a nice yard or garden, consider a garden flag to add to the fall décor. Most hosts would appreciate a practical gift that they can use every year.

Discount Thanksgiving gifts

There are a number of gifts out there for the Thanksgiving hostess or host. Be prepared to show your thankfulness when you’re invited out for a Thanksgiving feast. When it comes to making the Thanksgiving host or hostess feel special, it really is the thought that counts. You don't have to spend a lot of money for a thoughtful gift for your host. Just don't show up empty-handed!

Thanksgiving Gift Etiquette and Practical Hostess Gift Ideas


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