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Legoland in Billund Denmark.

Updated on May 18, 2015

Legoland Billund

Wondering where to take the kids for the up and coming holiday season? Legoland Billund is the place. A chain of theme parks in the Lego theme, Legoland is not fully owned by the Group Lego in themselves. Instead Merlin Entertainments, a British company for theme parks operates Legoland.

Legoland is For Younger Kids

The market of the park is for families with kids eleven years old or younger. They do have roller coasters but not as many as other more extreme parks. Plus, it is emphasized that this park is catered for children who are much younger than the norm. All four parks including a mini land by Lego, scenes from around the world created out of Lego bricks and village models. There are also those that feature a center of Lego Mindstorms. For smaller kids there is Duplo Gardens, Knight’s Kingdom, Wild Woods, My town, Fire Academy, Flying School, Ballooning School, Boating School and Driving School.

The original Legoland park is Legoland Billund which opened on the seventh of June in Denmark in the year nineteen sixty eight. Located next to the factory of the original Lego, Legoland is also located next to airport Billund which is the 2nd busiest airport in Denmark. In the year nineteen eleven, almost two million visitors visited the park and since that time the park had over fifty visitors. Aside from Copenhagen, in Denmark, this makes Legoland the largest attraction for tourists. Since this time, all the different parks of Legoland have been modeled upon this original one especially the area of Miniland which is made up of Lego bricks by the millions.

Adventure Land

If you are looking for some of the more exciting park rides, Adventure Land is where to go. Here you will find jet ski riders in a theme of the jungle called Jungle Racers. An indoor ride called The Temple includes an SUV Explorer that had gun lasers shooting at targets that moved in eleven Egyptian ancient scene. In the same theme there is also a gaming area in The Temple containing a mummy game, popping balloons, water shooting and ring tossing. Aside from 2 restaurants, there are 2 gifts shops in the area including Adventure Shop and Temple Gifts.

Pirate Land

All about the world of pirates, Pirate Land is themed nicely with pirate-associated rides including one where all the participants get wet called Pirate Splash Battle. The different rides also include Pirate Boats, Pirate Water Falls and Pirate Wave Breaker.

Imagination Zone

Here you will find a 4-D Theatre with six hundred seats called Lego Studio that comes completely with a giant screen and special effects. Daily there are four movies that play including Clutch Powers, Bob the Builder 4D, Spellbreaker and Lego Racers. Sea Life’s Lego Atlantis was added in the year two thousand seven. A movie that is animated starts off the attraction featuring figures made of Lego and submarines traveling down Atlantis, the submerged city. With over eight hundred creatures from the sea, there is also an aquarium called Sea Life and activities that are hands-on. In and around the aquarium, many models and figures made of Lego can be found.

Duplo Land

With the Lego Duplo name brand, Duplo Land contains attractions and rides for younger kids. The Playhouse by Duplo is an area for playing for kids aged two to six. The theme this has is of a city where kids are free to play in and can play on fake cars or fake planes as well as build with the use of blocks by Lego. There are also role playing areas and other interactive elements including stairs and slides. The train by Duplo is a train ride for kids that looks like one of those trains made of Bricks by Duplo taking 2 minutes before completion. Planes by Duplo are plane rides not unlike the Dumbo ride of Disney but with the theme of Lego. For kids aged two to six, there is also a car ride at the driving school by Duplo.

The Legoland Park Heart

The heart of any park in Legoland is Mini Land with its brick models on a scale of one to twenty. Featured by the models are buildings, sights and landscapes all over the location as well as global landmarks which are famous including Lilleby, Mogeltonder, Dybbol Mill, Billund Airport, Klampenborg Station, Nyhavn, Amalienborg Castle and Nyhavn. Aside from these locations there are famous Swedish landmarks which also include landmarks such as Star Wars, the Acropolis of Athens, the Statue of Liberty, Egypt’s Abu Simbel, Mount Rushmore, the Kennedy Space Center, the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Bergen in Norway and Sweden. You get a great park view that features the entirety of the structure at Lego Top. These were all made using Lego Bricks that number twenty-five million.


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