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Whip Up a Perfect Event with Party Rentals

Updated on September 21, 2014

Throwing a party is an apposite way to celebrate an event – be it a child’s birthday, a personal accomplishment or something more customary like a baby shower. Though the idea of a party is to meet up with your loved ones, family and friends, to celebrate an occasion, the nitty-gritty of putting together such an event can suck the fun out of it for the hosts.

Birthday cake
Birthday cake

Besides, you require whole paraphernalia of items ranging from linens, to cutlery, utensils, decor items, and so on. Footing the bill for all these items, that you may not even require once the party is over, will not only raise your party cost manifold but is also a pointless investment. You can instead consider the idea of hiring the services of a party rentals company.

What Party Rentals Do For You

A party rentals company basically provides you with all necessary materials needed to put together an event, from utensils and crockery to furniture, decor items and light and sound arrangements. Your requirements may vary according to the occasion and the nature of event you plan. Going about picking, buying or hiring each one these items can be both physically and financially taxing. In such a scenario, party rentals turn out to be your one-stop-solutions.

To begin with, draw up a list of things you may require for putting together an event. Research on the available party rentals services in your vicinity; seek references from people to get a sense of their credibility and past records. Thereafter, it is just a matter of making a few calls, and your party requirements will be catered to.

Inflated castle
Inflated castle

In case you have a specific theme in mind, talk to the rental service to be sure that they have the means to provide you exactly what you are looking for; besides, they may even suggest you some cool party ideas or concepts that you did not think of. For instance, if you are hosting an outdoor party on your child’s birthday, you could use water slides to stir in more fun into the event.

Tips on Cutting Cost

Though party rentals take the burden of logistics off your shoulders, you have to foot a bill to avail their services. With some smart planning, you can keep the party rentals bill to a minimum.

Birthday gift baskets
Birthday gift baskets
  • Compare costs - Compare the price listing and services of various rental companies instead of hiring the first one you come across. Carefully study the cost vis-à-vis the services, to find the best deal at most affordable prices.

Children having fun
Children having fun
  • Hire single service provider - Do not hire more than one rental service for a single event. In your bid to make sure you have everything you need, you’ll end up paying twice the price. It is best to find a company that deals in all the resources you need.

  • Shop for supplies and save money - If possible, pick up the supplies from the company’s office instead of having them delivered at your doorstep. Often transportation cost is not included in the bill, and you may have to cough up extra for availing this service.

  • Look for free home delivery option - In case the materials required for the party are too huge to be carried in your car, or if you need help from company staff in having them installed, let the company deliver these goods at its own convenience. If you given them a specific time frame for delivery, it may come at an extra cost.

  • Stick to one brand - Brand loyalty always pays. A party rental company may offer discounts to regular customers for their continued patronage.

Party rentals not only take care of the logistics but can also be a great help in putting the entire event together. It is best to employ their services in time to let them help you make the event memorable.


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