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White Artificial Christmas Trees: Bring Winter Wonderland inside your Living Room

Updated on June 16, 2011

For many of us, winter wonderland is something we look forward to each year. Those who grew up in the cold parts of the US have fond memories of a snow-filled childhood.  Usually it has something to do with snowball fights with siblings, cousins, or childhood friends.  Tobaggoning is also a popular snow activity.

Not to mention that there are plenty of movies and songs about wintery holidays.  The well-known ones capture the heart of Christmas in terms of warmth, gift-giving, and being with family.  Even in places where it doesn't snow, such as Southern California, the winter wonderland is a pervasive image of Christmas.  And what a beautiful image it is.  Whether you're looking at a postcard, a video clip, a wallpaper desktop, a photograph, or just something in your mind, the feel of snow falling lightly on your head as you Christmas carol around your neighborhood or just walking about is soothing.  Maybe you pass by a yard and there are kids playing in the snow.  Or you could be one of the children and you're on your way to join your friends.  No matter what, whether real, imagined, or a past memory, a fling in the snow will always provide a great time.

Unfortunately, a fling in the snow ends when you go inside the house.  Or for those of us who live in warmer areas, it ends when we come home from a place where there is snow.

7.5 ft Pre-Lit American Pencil White Artificial Christmas Tree
7.5 ft Pre-Lit American Pencil White Artificial Christmas Tree

Winter Wonderland with White Artificial Christmas Trees

During Christmas, many households bring the vibe of winter holiday inside their home. Using a white tree (as oppose to other colors, say a red artificial Christmas tree) as the center piece of living room decoration is one of the best way to bring winter wonderland inside. With white artificial Christmas trees, many families create snowladen landscapes in their living rooms. They also use wreaths, garlands, ornaments, and lighting to make it look like a winter wonderland.

But the inspiration sprouts from the white artificial Christmas tree. The tree filled with snow on its branches will draw plenty of attention. The snow, though fake (so that it doesn't melt) creates a visage that is happy and magical. It makes the guests remember ice skating in an ice pond or tobaggoning with friends down a powdery slope. The memory doesn't even have to real. It could simply be a memorable scene from a favorite movie, like when the Griswolds were preparing for their Christmas in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. So long as the memory is pleasant, a properly decorated living room with a white artificial Christmas tree will certainly evoke it.

There is no doubt that white artificial Christmas trees are popular among American households. Many who favor them tie it to a great moment in their lives, most likely something fun in their childhood. And nothing brings out festive feelings better than remembering some great things about your past.


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    • bingskee profile image


      9 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      my artificial christmas tree is green.


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