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What are good White Elephant gift ideas? Try these party hits!

Updated on June 22, 2013
White Elephant Gift Ideas
White Elephant Gift Ideas | Source

It's party time and you need that perfect white elephant gift. When all other gift exchangers resort to wrapping old cans of dog food and call it 'funny,' one true white elephant gift giver remains...


Friends, family, and co-workers gather to exchange their hilarious, tacky, and downright awkward gifts. With these gift ideas, you'll be the hit of the party. So, feel free to relax, open some wine, and just enjoy yourself, because finding that perfect gag gift is easy with these comical ideas. When picking out your perfect party gift, consider the type of white elephant gift exchange, certain types don't require buying anything. Here are three main types.

Types of White Elephant Gift Exchanges:

1.) The Around the House Exchange- These white elephant gift exchanges are done with funny gifts that people find laying around their house.

2.) The Price Limit Exchange- This gift exchange usually has a price limit on the gift that's usually $10- $20. These are often 'gag gifts.'

3.) The Anything Goes Exchange: This gift exchange has no price limit. Anything goes!

White Elephant Gift Ideas
White Elephant Gift Ideas | Source

Types of White Elephant Gifts

There are many types of White Elephant Gifts that are popular at parties and celebrations throughout the year, and can really add some excitement to what are sometimes, dull get-togethers. So, why not stir it up a little? This first idea was a smash hit at our Christmas Eve party. Presenting The Toilet Mug...

The Bathroom Joke

Drinking out of the toilet isn't just for dogs anymore. When my 21 year old cousin received the toilet mug as his white elephant gift, the room broke into laughter, as he grasped it tightly so no one would attempt to steal it. It really got the parting roaring, but there was still more bathroom humor to come. You thought drinking out of toilets was bad enough, but what if your toilet paper spindle spoke to you? The talking TP toilet spindle will scare the wit out of your guests.

Record any nine second clip into this battery operated spindle, and when your dirty-deed doer pulls on that t.p. they'll get an unexpected surprise. This is a hilarious gag gift for any White Elephant Gift exchange. If you're really looking to crack up the crowd as they unwrap this hilarious gift idea, throw in some political t.p. They'll laugh their pants off. Elephant or ass? It doesn't matter, these white elephant gift ideas are perfect for a crack up. They come in both Barack or Romney print.

The Political Joke

If you're totally wiped out from searching for the perfect white elephant gift then try out a gift that is totally nuts... screw into something corky with one of these political gift hits. Cork screws and nut crackers are great tool for any party thrower, but now they're the perfect gift for a white elephant gift exchange. The Hillary nutcracker and Bill corkscrew are a couple of hilarious gift ideas, so when you're picking out your ideal white elephant gift, don't forget that a political white elephant gift can be an outrageous way to cut that party tension.

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The Celebrity Joke

Let's face it. We are a society that's obsessed with celebrities. We talk about them. We read about them, and yes. We love to mock and gawk at their every mis-fortune. So, why not take a piece of that celebrity obsession to our annual white elephant gift exchanges? Here's a great Celebrity white elephant gift idea:

Some of us just aren't that tough. Intimidation by coworkers and bullies doesn't have to be a part of our daily routine. No, not if you have Mr. T in your pocket! This little player will have all your guests pitying the fool who doesn't bring a white elephant gift from this white elephant gift idea list.

The Obnoxious Joke

When politics are too heavy, monkeys will do. Flying, screaming monkeys with a knack for spurring uncontrollable laughter, will surely do. Seconds after this staple of white elephant gift giving is exposed his screeching velocity will liven up even the lamest of parties. A co-worker of mine opened up this white elephant gift and flung it across the room at me. Then I flung it at some one else. Pretty soon the entire room was hysterically laughing over the sound of the screaming monkey, as it struck various human targets throughout the room. This white elephant gift can single handedly turn a party from dull to out of control!

The Foodie Joke

You eat bacon. You dream bacon, but do you bleed bacon? Now you can.

With bacon bandages you're surely going to have the most savory lacerations and puncture wounds in town. Serve up some Michelin Star blood absorption with these hit bacon bandages. They're a white elephant gift that keeps on giving, and a sure crowd pleasure. Bacon popularity is at an all time high, and what seems more appropriate than patching up cuts and scrapes with bacon?

Classic White Elephant Gift ideas

Classic white elephant gifts are the types of gifts that seem to show up through out the years. The Chia pet for one is a classic, but one of my favorite's is one they'll secretly love. Yes, when the moon has risen and the work day has ended, this white elephant gift receiver secretly slips into his

adult footed pajamas. They are a hilarious idea for a white elephant gift. Snuggies, and adult pajamas have been a popular gag gift ever since the goofy infomercials started appearing on our tv's. As funny as this gift is it can secretly be a very cozy and enjoyable gift. No one wants to admit they use them, but in the privacy of home this white elephant gift, can be just an all round great gift idea!

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Last Minute and Budget White Elephant Gift Ideas

If you've waited till the last minute to get your white elephant gift or are on a limited budget, have no fear, here's a list of great white elephant gift ideas, that you can grab from around your house or at the local convenient store.

1.) A Forty of Old English

2.) Lottery Tickets

3.) Candy, Popcorn, and a Cheap Movie

4.) A Cheap Bottle of Wine

5.) Fast Food Gift Cards

6.) A Disposable Camera

7.) Magazines or Tabloids

8.) Funny Toys from your Childhood

9.) A Craft Beer

10.) A Toothbrush, Mouth Wash, & Mints

11.) Adult Diapers

12.) A Cheap Cigar and Single Shot of Whiskey


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    • LVidoni5 profile image

      Brian Loewer 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Thank you for your comment Pamela. These white elephant gift ideas are a hit at any party! Glad you liked them.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 5 years ago from United States

      You certainly have a great number of good and funny ideas for white elephant gifts. Nice job.