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White Trash Costume Ideas

Updated on September 15, 2014

Get a White Trash Outfit for Halloween

Like to kick back on the couch and watch a dramatic episode of Jerry Springer? Love Joy’s flesh-baring outfits on My Name is Earl? Feel a little nostalgic when Achy Breaky Heart comes on the radio? Well, why not embody one of these fun, hillbilly characters at your next costume party? All eyes will be on you and your overalls as you strut through the party in full - fledged white trash mode - and everyone will want to stick around you and see where the drama takes them!

Thrift stores and costume stores, while often abundant in costume choice, can be crowded, over-stocked, and difficult to find specific items in. It could take you several days just to compile all necessary clothing and accessories for your costumes. When making purchases on, though, shopping is fun, easy, and fast. The site’s easily-navigated search engine, detailed product reviews, and suggestions can help save you hours of browsing through stores and leave you with more time to focus on other aspects of the party!

Starting at the Top

The site has got you covered from head to toe, so let’s start up top. Billy Ray Cyrus was almost as famous for his music as he was for his mullet! The 5-star rated Mullet Wig Adult Halloween Costume Accessory is a perfect start to your white trash costume - and it ships free! Featuring frosted blonde tips and realistic hair, this wig is business in the front and a party in the back! Ladies, we know you’re secretly itching to wear that garish blue eye shadow, and the occasion has finally arrived! The inexpensive, 4.5-star rated Revlon Matte Eye Shadow in Venetian Blue is bright enough to make you the center of attention. Just add some heavy mascara, loads of blush, and bright pink lipstick for an over-the-top trailer look. Don’t forget the hair - Loreal Paris Satin Hairspray delivers an extra strong hold so you can tease your hair to the heavens for a bold, trashy look.

Covering the Body

Feel most comfortable when you’re lounging in a sleeveless tank (also known as the perfectly white-trash "wifebeater"? Stay relaxed in the Russell Athletic Men’s Basic Cotton Tank. The tee is available in several colors, has a 4 - star rating, and is versatile in use. Just add a can of Budweiser for an accessory and you’re a regular Al Bundy! For women, the Living Doll L.A. Plaid Tie Front Sleeveless Top makes you look like you just arrived from the county fair - tie it up to reveal abs and instantly feel like the sexiest hillbilly in the room!

Working Down

If you’re feeling like Kid Rock, just slap on a pair of camouflage pants, ripped jeans, or some overalls, and you’ll be fresh from the farm! To make your ensemble stand out, though, add the Big Mouth Toys Beer Belt. The 4-star rated accessory is a camo belt holster that holds up to six beers at once! The adjustable strap can fit any beer belly, and guests will flock to see the hilarious belt. Women can wiggle into a pair of infamous Daisy Dukes. Amazon has a large selection of choices, featuring a variety of lengths and colors that accentuate legs to make them look as if they go on for miles. Eminem won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you!

Wigs, Robes and Shoes

If you’re not in a Daisy Duke mood, you can always awe with a classic trailer-park wife look. Bright turquoise wavy hair has an adjustable inner cap and top quality fibers to conform to your head. Pair them with the loose-fitting, Traditional Chinese Dragon Robe, left slightly open for a wicked tease. This 4.5 star rated robe is silky to the touch, and gorgeously embellished. Pair either outfit with Kiki C Women’s Kitten Sandals. The small heel gives legs definition, is easy to walk on, and the furry leopard print strap screams white trash fun!

Dressing the Feet

Men can stomp around in a pair of Justin’s Original Work Boots. The Men’s Stampede Camo variety is waterproof, takes the shape of a cowboy boot, and is durable and strong, yet elegant enough to wear for special occasions.

Time to Accessorize

What would any outfit be without accessories? Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, two proclaimed celeb white trash queens rarely leave the house without large sunglasses to obscure their faces. Have fun with it and get the 5-star rated DG Eyewear Oversized Sunglasses in pink for a glamorous touch to your costume. Men can follow suit with the inexpensive MLC Eyewear Aviator Sunglasses with the gold frame - they’ll set off your mullet perfectly! Eamee’s Full Color False Nail kit features 500 press-on pieces. Just paint in a hot pink or bright red color and leave them long for maximum scraping effect. Guys can choose from a selection of bandanas from and tie them around their mullets for a fun 80s hair metal look! There are also plenty of fake tattoos available on the site - put some around your ankle, bear them on your bicep, or slap them on your lower back as a Tramp Stamp!

Finally Some Food

The white trash look has become almost trendy in recent times, and we’re able to poke fun at it without taking offense simply because we have so much fun embodying the characters! also features a range of trinkets for prizes and party games, and you can even purchase food items, like pork ‘n beans or Cheez Whiz for fun party snacks.

Find Your Costume

Running around to different stores to complete your costume can be a real drag, but with Amazon, full outfits can be put together in moments for a time-saving, cost-effective planning strategy. Instead of pawing through multiple items just to find the perfect outfit, you can find a unique one in minutes. Unlike visiting a store and having to search through several departments, the easy Amazon search engine makes finding specific items a piece of cake. What’s best about purchasing these items, of course, is that they’re versatile enough to use at other times! All clothing can be worn for summertime fun, and the gorgeous robe can be used for sleep or lounging. Shoes and boots can be used for special occasions or even for running errands.

Now that you’ve managed to put together a complete costume in a matter of minutes, you can spend more time and money saved focusing on other aspects of the party. Take the time to bake up some Spam or canned sausages, ladle some beer-infused punch, or make a “pin the beer can on the hillbilly” board for more party fun. So come on, Brett Michaels and Peggy Bundy - time to head to the trailer park!

Find More White Trash Costume Ideas on Amazon


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