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Why I Relish Christmas

Updated on December 8, 2019
Maren Morgan M-T profile image

Maren, a Baby Boomer, has taught pre-school through college. She loves holidays, and playing in the snow.

Homemade Christmas Decoration

My sons and I made special decorations together for many years, including this walnut shell Santa mouse.
My sons and I made special decorations together for many years, including this walnut shell Santa mouse. | Source

A Friend Asked Me "Why?"

"Why are you SO crazy about Christmas?" a friend asked. "Year after year your enthusiasm is high."

I adore Christmas.

I play Christmas carols on the piano in August, I own way too many Christmas seasonal decorations, and I excel in the art of Christmas cookie baking.

If that does not convince you, consider that my first body art (tattoo) features a flying reindeer with Christmas greenery at his neck. A friend who does not share this love of the December 25th holiday asked me why I love it so much. There are many reasons.


The Christmas cookies decorated by kids usually taste the best of all!
The Christmas cookies decorated by kids usually taste the best of all! | Source

For Starters

First, I believe that the message of the Christmas story brings good news for the world. I will not go into further detail, because I respect everyone’s right to believe, not believe, or interpret spiritual teachings in the unique way that each soul does.

However, wherever one stands on the belief or rejection spectrum, I think that the Christmas story includes good RESULTS for all.


An exciting Christmas present awaits.
An exciting Christmas present awaits. | Source

Childhood Christmases

Also, I have happy feelings associated with Christmas from growing-up.

The decorations struck me as remarkable and beautiful.

The foods (especially the cookies), and music made me enjoy the holiday time and led me to conclude that Christmas is special and pleasurable.

In my family, the ritual of decorating a Christmas tree a few weeks before the twenty-fifth and then having it in a place of honor to admire and wonder at, fueled my delight.

We further had a ritual of family togetherness in making ornaments and doing family home Advent services.

Of course, what child could complain about the joys of gift giving and receiving?

With all that occurring since birth, I am not entirely surprised that my mother recounts that as a wee child I could not sleep for the last few nights before Christmas.

The excitement and enthusiasm continues for me. If I am ever not excited about Christmas, you will know that I ameither very sick or dead.

Christmas Stockings in a Row

Everyone in the family (humans and pets) gets a stocking!
Everyone in the family (humans and pets) gets a stocking! | Source

Christmas is for All Ages

Now, I have a self-perpetuating personal “legend” that Christmastime is good.

My life script includes always enjoying Christmas.

The absence of family members joining my celebrations does not subtract from my joy in the holiday, as it does for some people. It is the way I am programmed.

As an older adult, I have an ever increasing appreciation of the Christmas holiday season as an opportunity to show the people I love how much I appreciate them.

All year, I observe them and pay attention to what is important to them. This guides me in choosing gifts based on love and observation. They delight in surprises which tickle their heart! I delight in watching them!

Advent Wreath

A Christmas Advent wreath with lit candles for Christmas Eve.
A Christmas Advent wreath with lit candles for Christmas Eve. | Source

All Those Wonderful Christmas Stories

Another great aspect of the Christmas season for me is the collection of holiday movies and literature.

My top movie of all time for all-around greatness is the classic It’s a Wonderful Life. Others, such as Holiday Inn, White Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and the original animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas have sacred spots in my personal entertainment library.

Of course, Dicken’s A Christmas Carol resonates strongly with me. So many of the Christmas stories I like feature hope and happy endings of personal redemption. I am a happy ending sort of person. These works further support my love of Christmas.

Where I live, December is cold and full of long dark hours. Anything we can do to shake off the dreariness works for me. There may or may not be snow on Christmas day for snowman making and sledding. I may or may not have access to a glowing fire in a fireplace. But, I will always have Christmas to cheer me during these depressing weather times.

A Cat-Proof Manger Scene

The crazy cat lady protects her creche from the cats by keeping it in a plastic storage container!!!!
The crazy cat lady protects her creche from the cats by keeping it in a plastic storage container!!!! | Source

Happy Christmas

Thus, I always was and, I suspect, always will be a Christmas lover.

The appealing music and colors succeed in lifting my spirit. The foods may fatten my waistline a bit, but they amplify my happiness. Choosing and giving good gifts is a good occupation of the season. It makes me feel powerful like a glorious fairy godmother or brilliant Christmas elf!

Ultimately, I was made for Christmastime.

If I can share any of my unchecked glee with you, please embrace the warmth and light from my candle of Christmas joy.

Merry Christmas.

© 2014 Maren Elizabeth Morgan


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