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Year of the Dog

Updated on September 13, 2013
Even in the Chinese Zodiac, dogs are considered loyal, active, and loving!
Even in the Chinese Zodiac, dogs are considered loyal, active, and loving! | Source

Dog Years

Dog years are known to be the best years to get married. It is believed that couples that get married during these years will maintain a relationship based in honest, trust, faithfulness, and loyalty. Besides that, dog years are not the best time to take risks or make speculations about the future. It is better to spend your time safeguarding for the future during dog years. It is also important to stay honest during these years, as lies will reveal themselves.

10 Feb, 1910 - 29 Jan, 1911
28 Jan, 1922 - 15 Feb, 1923
14 Feb, 1934 - 3 Feb, 1935
2 Feb, 1946 - 21 Jan, 1947
18 Feb, 1958 - 7 Feb, 1959
6 Feb, 1970 - 26 Jan, 1971
25 Jan, 1982 - 12 Feb, 1983
10 Feb, 1994 - 30 Jan, 1995
29 Jan, 2006 - 17 Feb, 2007
16 Feb, 2018 - 4 Feb, 2019
3 Feb, 2030 - 23 Jan, 2031

Dog Traits


Positives: Honest, Loyal, Selfless, Loving, Fair, Hardworking, Responsible

Negatives: Over-Sensitive, Quick-tempered, Judgmental, Pessimistic, On-edge

Dog Personality

These honest and loyal creatures have a firm sense of justice and can easily see through deception. They are very affectionate individuals, that feel lost if they believe they are unwanted. They are quick to throw temper tantrums, and even quicker to tears. Generally though, they are sociable people, who love being in large groups.

When meeting a person for the first time the dog can seem pessimistic and judgmental because they are always on the lookout for liars and manipulators. If the dog is ever disappointed or betrayed by someone they trust they will handle it horribly.

Dogs love to stay active and be outdoors. They greatly enjoy sporting activities and anything physical. When they aren't playing, they are working hard--but at their own steady pace. Don't rush a dog to get something done! They can be a bit high strung and will lash out if they feel bullied or threatened. Dogs can sometimes be hard to live with because they can be argumentative, condescending, and hypocritical.

Dogs are rather serious and contemplative creatures that don't really like surprises, change or travel much. They are very invested in their homes and will furnish them with the finest decor. They are also very interested in looking good themselves and will stay well-groomed.

Dog Compatibility

Love Relationships

Best Matches: Horse, Pig

Good Matches: Rat, Ox, Monkey, Dog

Worst Matches: Dragon, Goat

Business Relationships

Best Match: Pig

Good Matches: Rabbit, Horse

Worst Matches: Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Goat, Monkey, Rooster

Dogs loved to be admired by those around them and can be really moody if they feel unappreciated.
Dogs loved to be admired by those around them and can be really moody if they feel unappreciated. | Source

Dogs and Relationships

Dogs are extremely generous and affectionate. They are known to spoil their loved ones with anything and everything they can. When courting someone they spare no expense; they will buy flowers, candy, take their date out to the movies, dinner, and treat them to gifts. They are incredibly affectionate and need someone that will love them and need them.

Dogs have a great fear of rejection and are hurt easily. They are a bit insecure, so are prone to jealousy, and can't handle being betrayed or ignored. They have high expectations and standards for their partners and are always looking for their soulmate. As a result, the dog may either never marry, or marry multiple times.

Once a dog has developed an opinion of someone, it's set in stone. If they become your friend, you have a friend for life--unless you betray them. If you make an enemy of them, there is nothing you can do that will win their favor.

As parents, dogs are very loving, but also a bit strict.

Dog Careers

Dogs love to be around people, so they will do well in sales, marketing, and other professions like that. They will excel in the armed forces, law, and in teaching. They also have an interest in the supernatural, so may find themselves in odd positions like a paranormal investigator or tarot card reader. Dogs are typically very successful in business and make great bosses.

Dogs and Money

Dogs work very well in teams and groups. They thrive in environments surrounded by people or having to deal with people. They cannot handle independent work, cut off from the world. Since they are just and dutiful creatures they do well in careers in law and order and make great enforcers of the law.

Dogs are great employees that take orders well, but demand respect. They are responsible and fully involved in their work. They are able to handle conflicts in the workplace diplomatic and are fair bosses.

Money doesn't concern the dog as much as moral values do. When running a business, they will cautious, but successful--and never corrupt!

Are You a Dog?

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Dog Elements

Metal Dog

The bold metal dog is like to live alone as their critical, outspoken nature can cause them to have turbulent relationships. Metal dogs are very curious creatures whose spiritual pursuits are matched only by their materialistic endeavors. Metal dogs are very careful and organized and will enjoy working somewhere they can help others. It may take awhile to get to know a metal dog, but once you do, you'll find they are loving and loyal.

Water Dog

The water dog likes to put on the face of someone who is confident and outgoing, but in truth it is anxious, insecure, and constantly seeking advice from friends and family. This dog must always have an outlet to express its feelings because it is very sensitive. Though it is analytical and sometimes hard to understand, the water dog is caring, trustworthy, and fair. Unlike other dogs, this dog does not mind moving from place to place in search of the perfect home. Water dogs are loyal to their friends and will make great sacrifices to see their loved ones happy. They very rarely make enemies.

Wood Dog

Wood Dogs enjoy good food, being surrounded by nature, and working on their homes. Don't let their calm facade fool you, they are nervous creatures who'll snap in an instant if provoked. Wood dogs are exceptionally intuitive and can easily sniff out liars and cheaters. Like most dogs, they enjoy being in social environments and like helping others. They prefer sticking close to home and have refined tastes.

Fire Dog

These dogs are constantly on the move. They're intense, intelligent, and fascinating. Their idealistic beliefs can sometimes lead them to depression when real life doesn't turn out as they had hoped. In spite of that, they are still sociable, honest, outgoing people--although a bit aggressive. They are overprotective of their loved ones and can be hard to live with. Unlike other dogs, they don't enjoy spending a lot of time at home.

Earth Dog

This dog differs from the others by being completely focused on money. Recognition is a most for the earth dog, they refuse to be overlooked or taken for granted in their careers. Earth dogs work best alone because they have a hard time trusting others and can be bossy. They are quiet, cautious, and conservative. They don't tend to take on the pessimistic view of the world, as most dogs do; they are more likely to accept things for exactly what they are. Despite their pursuit of money, nothing is more important to the earth dog than their loved ones. They are wonderful parents and great friends.


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