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Year of the Goat

Updated on August 16, 2013
Goats are family oriented and need approval from others.
Goats are family oriented and need approval from others. | Source

Goat Years

Goat years are good years for settling in and planning for the future. Marriages and new relationships will likely be successful this year. Bold risks will be more successful this year too as everyone will be more accepting of new ideas or things that challenge current knowledge. Advances in science, new fashion trends, and innovative technology are likely to prosper during these years.

13 Feb, 1907 - 1 Feb, 1908
1 Feb, 1919 - 19 Feb, 1920
17 Feb, 1931 - 5 Feb, 1932
5 Feb, 1943 - 24 Jan, 1944
24 Jan, 1955 - 11 Feb, 1956
9 Feb, 1967 - 29 Jan, 1968
28 Jan, 1979 - 15, Feb, 1980
15 Feb, 1991 - 3 Feb, 1992
1 Feb, 2003 - 21 Jan 2004
19 Feb, 2015 - 7 Feb, 2016
6 Jan, 2027 - 25 Jan, 2028

Goat Traits


Positives: Determined, Organized, Compassionate, Well-mannered, Studious, Respectful, Creative

Negatives: Pessimistic, Lazy, Self-centered, Indecisive, Sensitive, Reserved

Goat Personality

These enduring creatures don't know the meaning of the word, "quit." Even when it seems like the world has turned against them and they grow tired and feel like giving up--the goat pushes forward. Goats are polite, sensitive, and determined. However, they lack the ability to see how their present goals and choices will affect them in the future. Goats are conformists who respect their superiors and are unlikely to rebel--but they will not stand by while others suffer from injustice either. Goats are great listeners that care very deeply about the problems of those around them, so much so that they end up stressing themselves out.

Goats are easy-going, but efficient. Not only do they keep things neat and tidy, but they have the ability to motivate those around them to be more organized. As children, they were well-behaved and clean. As adults, they make great parents who are able to keep their children in line and their home in order. Family and tradition matter a lot to the goat. Even if they move far from home, they will maintain family ties and do everything in their power to keep those bonds strong. They are also nostalgic creatures who have a tendency to hoard objects for sentimental reasons.

Goats can be a bit vain and care very much about their appearance--although, they must be comfortable in anything they wear. Their homes must be clean, although they may not be the tidiest thanks to all of their sentimental clutter. Cleanliness is very important to a goat as they are very sensitive to their surroundings.

Goats may come off as quiet or shy to others, but they actually have a great sense of humour and are very entertaining when around people they are comfortable with. Their reserved facade comes from not wanting to embarrass others--or more importantly--themselves. The goat does not like to say anything that will upset others. When in conflict, that goat's weapon of choice is silence--but if they feel attacked, they will fight back. Goats are very emotional creatures, so their feelings are hurt easily and they do not handle criticism well, at all. They also get easily flustered when cornered or under pressure.

Goats are eager to please and will do anything to make others happy. At family dinners they are even known to make multiple meals at once so that everyone will have something they will enjoy. Good thing they make great cooks!

Goats will not fall for anyone.  Only after careful consideration will a goat make a commitment to someone.
Goats will not fall for anyone. Only after careful consideration will a goat make a commitment to someone. | Source

Goat Compatibility

Love Relationships

Best Match: Horse

Good Matches: Rabbit, Dragon

Worst Matches: Rat, Ox, Snake, Goat, Rooster, Dog

Business Relationships

Best Matches: Rabbit, Horse, Pig

Good Matches: Dragon, Monkey

Worst Matches: Ox, Rooster, Dog

Goat Careers

Goats will do well in medicine and professions that require them to care for others. They well also do well in artistic professions such as acting, music, or dancing. Their diplomatic nature make them good fits for law, management, and public relations, as well.

Goats in Relationships

Goats tend to be starry-eyed dreamers, that need their friends and family to give them a reality check. In order to reach their full potential, they need the support and encouragement ofothers to see them through. Goats need stability in the family and at home, but often have difficulty maintaining that structure on their own. They desperately need a place they feel they belong.

Goats are not dreamy romantics. they do not fall in love at first sight. Rather, their romantic endeavors require a lot of thought and calculation before they are finally able to commit.

it is often difficult to approach a goat because anything that disrupts the goat's daily routine will not be dealt with well.

Goats and Money

The goat's ingenuity and way of thinking make them great team members with the ability to work through even the most difficult problems. When working with others they are able to help group members think in more logical ways and are happy to share the decision-making. Goats are hard-workers that value the quality of their work over meeting deadlines.

Goats need constant reminding of upcoming events and appointments. They live strictly in the present and have trouble thinking about the future.

They don't like repetitive routines or rushing through things. When asked to do things, goats will work at their own pace and will do things when they feel like doing them.

Are You A Goat?

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Goat Elements

Metal Goat

Although this goat seems calm, cool, and collected on the surface--they are prone to anxiety. Metal goats like to work at a slow and steady pace that allows them to think through their decisions. This goat is typically very easy-going and doesn't do well in arguments. Metal goats can be rather demanding of others, especially in matters of love. They are good with making money and saving it, but have a bad habit of hoarding things. However, they are still very organized. Metal goats work hard at not being overly ambitious so that they don't get overwhelmed. They work well with others and do very well in careers that require socializing with and comforting others.

Water Goat

Water Goats tend to be modest and need lots of encouragement from others to be confident. However, they find it easy to communicate with others and are often very popular. They also shine when given the opportunity to show off their skills. Water Goats are typically very strong writers and enjoy keeping diaries and keeping notes. Although charming, the water goat is very sensitive and has trouble opening up to others. They often need a push to get started and don't do well with change or risk-taking.

Wood Goat

The quiet wood goat is very trusting and kind to others. These thoughtful goats find comfort in nature and are likely very artistic. They enjoy being around children and find comfort in a large family--whom they work hard to please. They are more bold than other goats and excel in acting, dancing, and music. They like to put on the face of someone who is always happy, but can actually be quiet depressive at times. Only those closest to the wood goat will know when their down. They make great teachers and performers.

Fire Goat

The fire goat's persuasive, persistent, patient, and helpful nature make them fantastic teachers and mentors. Money can be an issue for this goat as they are not very good at planning ahead and budgeting. They love to spend, spend, spend and throw the best parties. Fire goats often find themselves on a emotional roller coaster and unlike other goats, will quit a project if it gets too tough. Fire goats tend to be interested in the supernatural and other oddities.

Earth Goat

These goats are reliable, loyal, friendly and sociable. Earth Goats will spend every last cent on their friends and family. They are studious hard-workers, but hate being told what to do. Unlike other goats, they don't always think through what they are going to say before they say it and don't always think through their actions either. This can cause a lot of stress in relationships. Earth goats are compassionate, caring, and make great listeners.


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Samantha, this was real interesting to know that this year's the year of the goat. Thanks for sharing.