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Put a cork in it: A gift guide for wine lovers

Updated on August 21, 2013

Whether you 'wine a little' or 'wine a lot' (pun intended...), I've done all the work finding Christmas or Hanukkah presents for your favorite wine lover.

Wine lovers are easy to Christmas shop for as there are all kinds of accessories to help them enjoy their happy hour. I know because I'm a tibbler myself, and I use a bunch of the wine products on this Squidoo article.

So, on this article, you'll find electric wine cork screws, wine charms, cheese boards and a whole bunch of other gifts that are perfect to give to your favorite wine lover.

Grab a glass of wine (or maybe some nice egg nog would suffice) and see what I've found on my wanderings.

Keep a bottle of wine chilled with the Corkcicle

No ice bucket needed when you have a Corkcicle handy! just put your Corkcicle into any wine bottle, and it will keep your wine chilled for an hour or so. A great way to enjoy a table-side bottle of wine, chilled, without diluting it with an ice cube or two.

Corkcicle Wine Bottle ChillerCHECK PRICE

Better electric wine openers

These better electric wine openers will set you back between $50 and $100 dollars. They're more powerful than the basic electric wine openers and, in my experience, your wine loving friend won't have as many split corks with these models.

Waring Commercial Portable Electric Wine Bottle OpenerCHECK PRICE

Peugeot PW220228 Elis 4 Piece Wine Service KitCHECK PRICE

Oster KIT Deluxe Electric Wine Opener Plus Wine AeratorCHECK PRICE

For the female wine lover, a brilliant present...

Wine Bottle Purses!!!!

I saw these for the first time in Key West just last month and was mesmerized! I'd made a mental note to go back to the store later in the day but, as often happens in Key West, I forgot! Anyway, I think these are just adorable. Any female wine lover (and some men!) would love them too.

Snakeskin wine bottle purseCHECK PRICE

A giraffe print wine bottle purseCHECK PRICE

Unique wine bottle holders

For the woman (or man...) who loves shoes, what's a better Christmas gift than one of these adorable high heel shoe wine holders? Better get two - you're going to want to keep one...

Giftcraft Spot Shoe Wine Bottle Holder
Giftcraft Spot Shoe Wine Bottle Holder

Animal prints are 'in' this year!


For the red wine lover, a wine duck is an ideal Christmas present

A wine duck is designed to give more surface area to red wine so that it breathes. I have a wine duck and love it for both its usefulness and for its unique design.

Ravenscroft Crystal Duck DecanterCHECK PRICE

TF Wine Duck DecanterCHECK PRICE

And, for your very favorite, very special wine lover friend...

...Beware - REALLY expensive...

This Riedel Duck Wine Decanter is about the most expensive duck decanter I've ever seen. I suppose if it's for your boss and you're hoping for a bit fat raise (to pay for this) next year, it's worth the money....

Riedel Duck Wine DecanterCHECK PRICE

Micasa Cheers Wine Glasses - A beautiful glass of wine

I bought my Mikasa Cheers wine glasses at Costco a few years back - they were really really cheap so look there first....But, if you don't don't find these very unique white or red wine glasses there, Amazon has the best prices.

These wine glasses come 4 to a box; I think I bought 3 boxes of all of them and am just now about to replenish my supply - they are THAT cool.

Mikasa Cheers Precision-Etched 16-oz White Wine Glasses, (Set of 4)
Mikasa Cheers Precision-Etched 16-oz White Wine Glasses, (Set of 4)

These wine glasses are the best in my opinion. I love that the patterns differ so that everyone can identify their own wine glass - if they remember...


Click this link: electric wine openers to see a full listing of electric wine openers on

If your wine lover also loves tequila...

I couldn't resist putting these very unusual tequila glasses on this article as they're made of salt! No need to lick the salt off one's hand when your tequila lover can get a taste just by sipping his or her cocktail. These don't come with the lime though so you'll need to add a few to the Christmas gift basket of your tequila sipping friend.

Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4
Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4

These delightful little glasses are quite the unusual Christmas present for anyone who loves tequila. And, since salt has a natural anti-bacterial quality, they're a breeze to wash and clean - they will not melt like regular salt does.


Silicone wine stoppers

You know how you can never get the cork back into a bottle of wine? That problem will vanish when you bring home these very cool silicone wine stoppers. These may look goofy but I absolutely love my silicone wine corks. They fit every size wine bottle opening I've ever run across, can be tossed right in the dishwasher, and are pretty too. The only issue I've had with them, and it's a weird one, is that mice love the things! And, when one lives in a house built in 1857 (yes, that's 18-57), I have to buy a new set every January after I've chased the mice away.

These make a great stocking stuffer - actually, four great Christmas stocking stuffers as there's four silicone wine corks in this set:

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Bottle StoppersCHECK PRICE

Wine glass charms

I thought these were as goofy as those silicone wine stoppers until I got a set for Hanukkah last year. I love that I can put my wine glass down and easily find it again (it's easier early in the evening ). These decorative wine glass charms come six to a set so everyone at your dinner party can identify their own wine - hand off mine!

Prodyne W-6-M Pewter Stemware Charms, Martini Bar, Silver
Prodyne W-6-M Pewter Stemware Charms, Martini Bar, Silver

I like that it's easy to keep these wine charms together after the party ends - provided you get them all back!

Boston Warehouse Wine and Cheese Wine Charms, Set of 6
Boston Warehouse Wine and Cheese Wine Charms, Set of 6

These adorable wine glass charms are hand painted. They're 1/2" long and will slip around the stem of any wine glass.


Christmas themed wine glass charms

Get into the Christmas spirit (pun fully intended) with these Christmas wine glass charms.

8 Christmas wine glass charmsCHECK PRICE

Boston Warehouse 6 Country Christmas Wine CharmCHECK PRICE

So, are you planning on buying a holiday gift for a wine lover? I tried to choose unusual and unique items that you might not have seen in the stores - how'd I do? Please leave me comments.

Want to 'wine' a little (ha ha!) - Now's your chance to leave me comments

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    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      Always loved wine until I became allergic to it. Now I just have to watch other people enjoy it

    • profile image

      Ruthi 5 years ago

      These gifts for wine lovers are lovely! I like the wine purses and love the wine duck decanters!

    • angelbucket profile image

      angelbucket 5 years ago

      Some lovely gift ideas in time for Christmas! Thanks :)

    • Frischy profile image

      Frischy 5 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      I love those beautiful wine glasses. The puzzles look interesting too. Most any of these gifts would please me. I think you did very well!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      That weekend wine tote looks like a great gift. Very nice selection here.

    • Ramkitten2000 profile image

      Deb Kingsbury 5 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

      I like those wine charms. I don't actually drink wine, but I was at a party recently where a LOT of people did, and the host had charms on all the glasses. I enjoyed looking at them all.