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A Christmas Poem

Updated on October 31, 2013

Lasting Happiness

As the wise men

gave gifts to Christ

we give them to each other,

Let us not

get so involved

with the cost of the present,

but remember

we should be showing and

giving love to one another,

Take pride in the little things

they often times mean the most:


a picture,

from happy years of long ago,

and give them to a host,


a batch of cookies,

you know,

the ones

that Sis really likes,

Give them to her

in a now dressed up,

that was empty

coffee can,

top it with a few

cinnamon sticks and some spice,


up a pair of pillow cases,

from one of Grandma's old dresses

And make

a matching stuffed cloth doll

for one of your favorite little princesses,


an afghan,

with that yarn

you've had stashed away,


a CD,

of his all time favorite

hard to find tunes



yourself singing them

like the star you are

on Broadway

in the evening or afternoon,

Paint or draw

on a small canvas,

a marvelous winter sunset or two

and give them to the artist in the family

or give them right to you,

So you see,

Christmas giving

need not be costly,

if you stop and take a breath

and remember...

what might bring the most joy,

to each one on our list

and what will give them

and you

lasting happiness.

D. Alsup

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Merry Christmas!

Thank you for visiting our hub. I hope you enjoyed the poem and I hope it gave you something to think about.

If you have any great Christmas gift ideas you would like to share please do so here.


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