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Add At Least One Album or Song to Your Christmas Collection Each Year

Updated on April 21, 2016

It doesn't Always Work That Way But I Still Try

If you are like me you tend to shop year round for Christmas. And to be hones when it comes to this I am notorious for the after Christmas Sales. Especially when it comes to music.

A lot of the stuffs is usually picked through. But not all. I hate to admit it but I like the gift cards sometimes more than the actual presents. Take for example an Amazon gift card. I have used them for purchasing movies, albums and individual songs. I enjoy using the amazon Cloud drive. This way I can access my music anywhere and also have the tunes on the MP3 player.

But where am I going with this you say? Easy answer. Its all about the music. Some I want them on CD or DVD others can just be in the clouts or an MP3 file. Ether way it is music. Some I am getting at a reduced price and others I am just picking out one song which is less expensive then the whole album.

Yes folks I am cheep and I admit it. So please go forth and see where the music has lead me and where it can lead you to help enjoy the Christmas season.

I mentioned gifts and gift cards - So the question is...

Which Would You Prefer?

Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas Celebration

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Celebration
Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Celebration

For this selection you can blame my parents. They are the ones that got me started on my goal of one new album each year. Of course it wasn't until the third year and this album that the pattern was in my head and now my life. I was about to say my wife but she doesn't tend to pick out the music. She just has to listen to it over and over again.

The nice thing about this album is that it is sort of a compilation of previous Christmas albums. The songs are some of the more popular so if you liked them and did not want to buy more than one album then this could be your choice.

If you haven't gotten a Mannheim Steamroller album before, then this would be a good choice. This is for the variety of songs included for your listening pleasure.

Finally I should let you know that this is also a great motivational tool. I listened to this through .most of the time developing this site.


Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas Selections.

And now for the other two Christmas Albums that I own.

(If you are currently an Amazon Prime member these two album can be added to your collection of streaming music. April 21, 2016)


Track 9 & 10 are my favorites on this album. You see they are two versions of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. The first is sort of quiet and the second is more the deep base.

A Fresh Aire Christmas
A Fresh Aire Christmas

Track #3 - 03 Veni Veni (O Come O Come Emanuel) would be my choice for favorite song on this album. Just the way it starts with the lower voices singing has caught my attention.


Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Ghosts of Christmas Eve

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve
Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve

Have you ever been walking through the store and wandered past electronics? All the TV's seam to have different things on their screens. They seam to be advertisements or short blurbs pushing the store and what is on sale. Then from out of the corner of your eye you see something. Then just over the drone you hear something that catches your attention. Well that is what happened the first time I heard and saw this group. There was a little girl chasing after her cat. Yes I know where am I going with this? Well she ends up amongst the group that is performing in the dead of winter. Late in the evening. I look at the case and find a new group. I am enthralled by the music. Its not even the action on the screen, though that adds to the music. And then just watching the whole scene unwind before me as the girl goes back into her home and the cat follows. Then curling back up on the couch in front of the Christmas tree. That was all I saw of this video. That was several years ago and I still remember it and share it with others around the Christmas season.


The Canadian Brass Noel with Guest Stars

This is one in my collection. As part of a few jazz bands throughout my schooling I still enjoy a little brass here and there. in this case I have played this one on repeat more.

In the Christmas Mood

Another one also in my collection. Yes I like Glen Miller - In the Mood. So adding a little jazz to Christmas is always a nice thing to do. And in case you were curious there is a second album. In the Christmas Mood II. Sorry world I don't have that one yet. But I do keep my eye on it.

(If you are currently an Amazon Prime member this album can be added to your collection of streaming music. April 21, 2016)



Not one I was expecting

When it comes to singing I prefer to go at it alone. This means that there's no musical back up. I am not sure how I stumbled across this group yesterday but by the time I went to bed I had gotten myself a new Christmas album. In fact the first song I found is the one that I am sharing below. "Mary Did You Know". And to be honest there was one song I found that I was hoping would be on this album but wasn't. And that was their rendition of "The Little Dumber Boy".

Pentatonix - Mary Did You Know

And after all that here is where I picked up my copy of this album

That's Christmas To Me
That's Christmas To Me

As I mentioned above the Mary Did You Know is track # 6 But even more amusing is track # 11 a bonus track. The song Let It Go. And yes it is from the movie. Any way I have a coworker that has this uncanny knack of walking into my work area just as this song comes on For him it seams to be a daily thing.


A second album a second song

OK so here is the album that has the song I was looking for. It is track # 7 The Little Drummer Boy. I am also doing things backwards. Meaning that this album's released first and it is the second one that I added to my collection. In the good news it is now part of my collection. Also I got this one on Amazon. This means when I bought the CD I also had a copy added to my cloud account. I then started listening immediately to this years Christmas album.

Pentatonix - Little Drummer Boy

There have been few songs that I will get and have to pay for online - The one listed here have made that list.

There are others that have made the list but not the Christmas list.

As a disclaimer I am signed up to get free music that is legal not just surfing the net. That's what I mean by "There have been few songs that I will get and have to pay for online"

Matthew West - One Last Christmas

You know you need to get the song when it moves you to tears. If you feel this happening play it safe and pull over to the side of the road.

Below is the video for this song. Again play it safe before listening and watching as there maybe tears involved. Or at least a bit of choking up happening.

As of December 6, 2015 you can get this single on Amazon for $1.29.

Matthew West - One Last Christmas

One Last Stocking Stuffer

Every year at the bottom of our stockings is an orange, Do you get the same thing?

See results

A little something extra for the holidays - I know that this is not Christmas music but it does go great along with it.

This is a nice one to have both at home and at work. I have always liked camp fires and fires in the fireplace. This allows you to have the fires burning year round. Even if you have them on mute. Just seeing the fireplace lit up helps to keep you warm in spirit even if its not in body.

In fact I had this one on three different computer screens at work because the windows are next to my desk. And everyone but me is saying its to hot in here and want the window open just a little bit.

People like to get "Stuff" in their stockings - I would like "Stuff" in the Comment section please

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice selection here. I'm also a Mannheim Steamroller fan!

    • Camden1 profile image


      6 years ago

      My husband listens to Christmas music all year round (which we always tease him unmercifully about)! Mannheim Steamroller is probably his favorite, but I'm always on the lookout for new Christmas music for him.


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