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Adventure Time Birthday Party Theme

Updated on October 1, 2013

Adventure Time Birthday Party Supplies, Decorations, Favors & Ideas

An Adventure Time Birthday Party is a unique idea for a themed birthday party. Whether the Adventure Time party is for a child, teen or adult, it will definitely be a party theme you'll always remember. Adventure Time with Finn and Jake party supplies include lots of colorful balloons, an Adventure Time cake or cupcakes, invitations, a table centerpiece, decorations and Adventure Time party favors. Adventure Time birthday parties can be for boys or girls. A boys theme might focus more on Jake, Finn and the Ice King while girls might like to incorporate a little more Bubblegum Princess, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Lady Rainicorn and Lumpy Space Princess. (Photo Source

Get free printable Adventure Time Birthday Party Invitations from They offer colorful invitations that say "What Time Is It? Time For An Adventure Time Birthday Party" with the Adventure Time logo and Jake and Finn characters. Four invitations print on an 8 1/2 x 11 card-stock paper. The background is blue so make sure you're good on printer ink. You can also have them customized by emailing the website owner. The email address is on

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Adventure Time 'What Time is It?' Poster here!

Adventure Time Party Pinata - Jake The Dog Pinata

An Adventure Time pinata would be a huge hit at a party. First you'll need to learn how to make a pinata. The basic supplies are balloons, newspaper, cardboard, scissors, rope, glue, crepe paper and tape. Read this tutorial on How to Make a Pinata on Squidoo. Decorate the pinata to look like Jake the Dog or Finn.

(Photo Source: SGA_Creative on

Adventure Time Poster Decoration

Adventure Time

Adventure Time Goodie Bags

I found this idea for a Jake The Dog goodie bag or party favor bag on The face was handmade and the bag is a yellow cellophane goodie bag that you can buy online or at a party supply store.

If you are up for some crafting, maybe you can make a smaller version of this Jake The Dog bag out of felt. This would make for a great Adventure Time loot bag because the kids could reuse them!

(Photo: SappyMooseTree on Flickr)

Tip: Decorate Cheap Party Bags with Adventure Time Stickers!

Adventure Time Stickers

Finn's weapon of choice on his adventures is a sword. He has a lot of them so it really doesn't matter which foam sword you decide to go with when choosing a sword as a party favor. The swords I've listed below are pretty cheap and some even come in packages (12 swords).

Adventure Time Party Food - Dragon Entrails Jello

One idea for Adventure Time Party food would be to make up a bowl of jello with gummy worms inside. Call it "Dragon Guts" or something like that.

Adventure Time Party Table

The basic colors for an Adventure Time themed party are blue, orange, green and yellow. There's also shades of purple and pink. Decorate the table with paper printables like those from and set out a few Adventure Time toys and props.

Cool Party Props: Make BMO

BMO or "Beemo" is Finn & Jake's electronic....everything. It resembles an old handheld Nintendo game system but does all sorts of things like play music, work as an electrical outlet, a flashlight, alarm clock, video player, you name it. BMO is blue and has arms and legs. has a full tutorial on how to make a real BMO, but you can make a non electronic version of BMO out of cardboard to use as a party prop.

Adventure Time Theme Song

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