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A Few Great Gifts For Father's

Updated on December 16, 2016

I'll Always Love My Dad

I can remember the gifts we use to give our dad when we were kids. A can of tobacco because he really loved to roll his cigarettes, cologne, a tie, and or a shirt. He never complained. He gave us a hug and a smile and we knew he was happy.

Well as we grew older, those gifts still pleased him, but we expanded our horizons a little. We came up with more creative gifts, thanks to the rapid growth of our commercial economy and our pocket books.

When it comes to gifts, sometimes we seem to take dad's for granted. Well from this year on let's give our dad's some gifts they will really use and cherise. For his Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday Season... show your love with a gift he'll truly enjoy.


Throughout the years we've gotten so fancy with the gifts we select for dad purcashing them with the money we have on hand and charging gifts we the money we don't have.

if your dad is even a little like mine was, and like many men I know today, he will appreciate any gift you give him that comes from the heart with love and sincerity.

Here are a list of gifts that will easily bring joy to your father, grandfather, uncle or that other special man in your life on Father's Day.

A Few Great Gifts For Father's Day

1- Shirt -Buy one that fits. If you don't know his size look in the inside tag of one of his shirts he always wears that fits him comfortably and copy down the size so you will have it when you go shopping.

2- Tie - Get him a basic black, brown, tan or gray color tie. Make in a standard long tie and not a bow tie. That way he will always have this accessory to wear for just about any occasion whether it be casual or dressy. And the color you choose will go with just about anything he wears.

3- Slippers - Slippers or house shoes are always a nice addition to his wardrobe. Again check the size in his other shoes for a perfect fit. Stick with a basic color of brown, black, navy blue, gray, or even in a small plaid design.

4- Chocolates- Does your dad like a favorite chocolate or candy? Well buy a box for him, put it in a gift bag with nice white tissue paper and a Father's Day card.

5- Cologne -

Give Dad a Garmin Nuvi 255 W Gps

Whether your father likes to travel long distances or just within the city or your town, think Garmin Navigational systems. They have a great variety of affordable GPS systems.

I like the Garmin Nuvi 255 W GPS with 4.3" Touchscreen. It's a widescreen navigator making it easy to see. Many dad's wear glasses and this will be a great help to them. It has voice prompted turn by turn directions, that will speak the street names, and optional MSN Direct services to get your Dad where he needs to be and get him there on time.

It's packed with millions of destinations and maps for North America and Europe. It is portable and doesn't cost very much, and it's carried by many stores in so many areas. I like a gift that's easy to find. So will Dad.

Cannon Powershot Digital Cameras

I received a Polaroid 5.1 Mega Pixels with 4X Digital Zoom camera that was a gift to me a couple of years ago. It's not full of frills but it's perfect for me. It takes the best pictures. I just love that little camera and I take it just about everywhere. I appreciate my God-daughter who gave it to me.

There are so many digital cameras on the market to meet the many needs of the buyer. Technology changes so rapidly. I think a good choice for any dad without a digital camera, or who needs to upgrade his smaller pixels, is a Cannon. I would chose a Cannon Power Shot. There are several models in this series. I love all there features especially the optical zoom feature they have.


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